For those who are leery of surgical or prescription methods of hemorrhoid treatment, here is a list of nine hemorrhoids home treatments:

Avoid wiping the area with anything. Using friction to clean the anus after bowel movements can highly aggravate a hemorrhoid and cause more pain than is necessary. This can be easily avoided by using a bidet or by jumping in the shower after bowel movements.
Another hemorrhoids home remedy is by placing ice on the affected area several times a day. This will reduce swelling, and numb some of the pain in a safe and natural way. It is important to not use the ice for longer than 10 minutes at a time.
If ice is not your thing, then you might try the opposite form of that hemorrhoid treatment at home. Using damp warm heat can bring substantial relief. Warm compresses, or damp rags and towels are all good options. This can even be alternated with the ice.
A sitz bath is another popular hemorrhoids home remedy. These baths can be used several times a day, and can be for as long or as little as you need. It important to not put too hot of water in the tub, as this could burn or irritate the hemorrhoid and cause more harm than help in the end.
Taking bed rest might be necessary for more severe hemorrhoids. Keeping pressure off the hemorrhoids can help them to heal faster. If your schedule demands a large amount of sitting, then you might consider bringing a pillow to sit on to cushion the affected area.
A good replacement for expensive commercial creams and ointments is a thin layer of petroleum jelly or zinc oxide. This hemorrhoids home remedy is highly effective and is very popular.
Using aloe vera on swollen and painful hemorrhoids is another home treatment for hemorrhoids that naturally reduces swelling and pain without the use of expensive or narcotic-inclusive creams and ointments.
Hemorrhoid suppositories are a good home remedy to use as they rid the body of the built up waste matter that is not passing well on its own. A hemorrhoid suppository coupled with a diet high in fiber can reduce the occurrence and likelihood of more hemorrhoids occurring.
Wearing loose clothing while afflicted with hemorrhoids can reduce the irritability of the hemorrhoid, and also keep your clothes from chafing and worsening the affected area. This is a simple home remedy for hemorrhoids that can make a painful situation a little more bearable.
Many of these hemorrhoids home treatments can be coupled with each other to maximize the results of the home remedies.