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Anal Fissure

What are anal fissures? Simply speaking, anal fissures are tears of the rectum. They are fine cutes along the anoderm, which is the special skin that lines the outer side of the anal canal through which stool passes through.

Because this sensitive area is a rather busy and important part of the human anatomy, there are many causes by which anal fissures can be formed.

Passage of large stool
Anal sex, or other alternative activities dealing with the rectal region
Colonoscopies, or other medical procedures dealing with the anal canal
Long hours of sitting in one position
Diarrhea, or other occurrence of acidic fluids in the area
Anal fissures are rather common, and are often the precursor to piles, and have been considered a piles symptom. The symptoms of these tears are usually pain while passing bowel movements, and blood in the stool.

Now, just because anal fissures are common, that does not make them any less painful or frustrating to try and treat. Many people have been hospitalized over the pain of anal fissures, and they can be a sign to more serious and dangerous conditions such as piles, hemorrhoids, and in rare cases, pelvic tumors.

In most cases, however, anal fissures are as benign as they are painful, and there are some good home remedies that can be put to use. Many of these suggestions are hemorrhoids home treatments that work for anal fissures as well.

Gentle cleansing of the affected area. Try using a damp towel instead of harsh bathroom tissue. This can also keep you from causing additional tears until the area is healed.
Ointments. There are many hemorrhoids ointments that can help to heal a painful anal fissure.
High-Fiber diet. Most problems in the rectal area can be traced back to a diet low in fiber. Bulking up on that important element can help keep you regular and piles symptoms free.
Petroleum jelly, or other barriers. Slicking the area with a barrier that includes moisturizing affects can protect the tears from acidic waste, and help the wound to heal.
Stool softeners. There are many non-prescription stool softeners that can help to make the bathroom experience less painful while you are dealing with painful anal fissures.
Muscle relaxants. These can be over the counter medications, or prescription drugs if the pain or tear become too severe to handle at home.
In some cases, the tears become too numerous or painful that more serious treatments are considered and used, but in most cases, surgeries and Botox injections can be avoided when these simple hemorrhoids home treatment suggestions are followed.

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