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What is Avatrol? Avatrol is a natural hemorrhoids treatment that works to clear up the swelling and pain involved in piles and hemorrhoids within a matter of weeks.

Avatrol is a medication that works primarily to reduce the swelling and dilation of the veins near the surface of the skin in the rectal region. By releasing the swelling of these veins, Avatrol minimizes the biggest pain in the you know where.

The Research Factor
Unlike other hemorrhoids treatment plans that are popular in the market today, Avatrol differs in that there was a great deal of research that went into this product.

Scientists and pharmaceutical companies spent a great deal of time and resources studying the different ingredients that went into Avatrol.

Most of the natural hemorrhoid treatments on the market were created by well-meaning individuals who wanted to rid themselves or their loved ones of the curse of piles. The makers of Avatrol are different as they are real scientists and doctors who have the resources available to put their product under rigorous scientific research and tests.

Special Offer
Currently, there is a special offer on the purchase of a four month supply of Avatrol. Four months is how long the manufacturers of this natural hemorrhoids treatment say that it generally takes for Avatrol to permanently rid the body of hemorrhoids.

The special offer is that with the purchase of one month of Avatrol, you get three months for free. This is an incredible deal on what some people have claimed to be the best hemorrhoids treatment available.

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Avatrol Ingredients
How does Avatrol work? It works by combining the perfect blend of some natural ingredients that are known for their medicinal qualities. The working ingredients are as follows:

Horse Chestnut: Leaves of the horse chestnut tree have been used for years as an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain of arthritis and ulcers.
Aescin: This is a seed that has been known to promote circulation and reduce swelling of veins- mostly varicose veins. Aescin strengthens the walls of the veins and makes it harder for the veins to bust and cause clots.
Arginine: Arginine is a protein building block. This is used to help with muscle spasms and other such muscular symptoms of hemorrhoids and piles.
Oat Straw: Oats of many varieties have long been hailed as a good source of gentle relief for digestive tract problems ranging from indigestion all the way to hemorrhoids. Oat straw helps to pass the stool quickly through the digestive tract and relieves the pressure placed on hemorrhoids.
Cascara Sagrada: This is an ingredient meant to prevent constipation which is known as one of the main causes of hemorrhoids and piles.
Bilberry: Billberry helps to rebuild healthy tissues that are torn and damaged by hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
Cayenne: This is used to promote healthy circulation which can help the affected veins of hemorrhoids to heal themselves.
Choosing the Right Hemorrhoids Treatment
When choosing the best hemorrhoids treatment, it is important to do lots of research to know which treatment plan will work best for you.

Everyone is different, and every case of hemorrhoids is different, so the best hemorrhoids treatment plan for you may be very different from what other people need. Avatrol is a great product made from natural ingredients, and could very well be the key to ridding your life of hemorrhoids.

Where to Purchase
There are many retailers ready to sell you Avatrol, but due to some recent copy-cat scams, it is important to not run the risk of supporting fraudulent companies and purchase the wrong product.

This can be easily avoided by heading to the official Avatrol site: http://www.avatrol.com. There is more information and testimonials on the site to help you make the right decision for your hemorrhoids treatment needs.