Hemorrhoid is a common condition experience by many people and you maybe one of the sufferers. To be able to find the accurate treatment in bleeding hemorrhoids, it is crucial to know that there are two types of hemorrhoids: the internal and external hemorrhoids respectively.
Knowing the exact location where the blood is coming will help you take the essential action of the ailment. There are distinct treatments for each bleeding hemorrhoid so it is vital to properly address it’s origin.

One thing you must take into account is the presence of pain. By feeling such, it will tell you what kind of hemorrhoid you have and you would eventually have the proper treatment for it. External bleeding haemorrhoid is painful and it happens after the excretion of fecal matters. You will see blood and feel the pain in the anal canal.  The burning sensation is there and the unbearable pain is present. This type of hemorrhoid can be treated with warm bath and hemorrhoid creams after a delicate cleaning.

Bleeding internal hemorrhoids on the other hand are painless. You will see blood in the fecal matters but you are not likely to feel pain unlike the external bleeding haemorrhoid. This hemorrhoid is dangerous since majority of the patients will not pay attention to this one and will regard it as a normal condition where in fact it’s not. Because it is painless, once you see bright blood in the tissues, it is vital to consult a doctor or research on the kind of ailment you might have.

Bleeding hemorrhoids should be properly attended to avoid having serious problems in the future as it will keep on returning if not cured. There are various treatments for it that are not expensive. In fact you can do it in your home and start with yourself.

The very first factor why bleeding occurs is increased exertion of pressure during bowel movement. When this happens, the blood veins in the rectal and anal area contracts causing the haemorrhoid veins to swell which then, when you are constipated, it will lead to bleeding. Proper diet should be maintained and increase intake of fibrous food is highly advised. Water, as fecal matters need to be soft to avoid bleeding, should be increased as well.

However, if you already have a serious hemorrhoid problem, the doctor’s prescriptions are best for you. You might need proper medications such as surgeries or dosage of medicine for your problem.