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Blood in Stool

Most people who unexpectedly find blood in their stool tend to panic just a bit. We understand. It is not a comforting feeling to see bloody stool. Your mind automatically reviews all the worst case scenarios possible like cancer, internal bleeding, ruptured organs and more grisly items we don’t care to write about on our nice helpful website.

We are here to calm the panic. We are here to tell you that the most likely cause of your bloody stool is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are not fun to deal with, and we are not trying to glamorize this condition, but in all seriousness, hemorrhoids are much easier to treat than a ruptured spleen or terminal cancer!

While we are almost 90% sure that blood in my stool comes from hemorrhoids, we do have to be truthful and let you know some of the other things that could cause bloody stool. Here is a list of some of the other conditions that could cause you to exclaim, “I have blood in my stool!”

Constipation: If you have pushed the limits of your sphincter with some seriously rough encounters with number two, then that alone could be the cause of your blood in stool.
Anal Fissures: This is usually caused by hemorrhoids, but can also be attributed to constipation. These are just very tiny tears along the rectum. They can bleed when re-opened, which can leave some bloody streaks on toilet paper after strenuous bowel movements.
Ulcers: Sometimes ulcers can bleed, and this blood can leak down to your intestinal tract and exit through your bowel movements. This is a more serious condition than hemorrhoids, but is also much more rare.
Colon Cancer: I know. The C word. Try to relax. Blood in stool can be a sign of colon cancer. If this is the case, it is usually accompanied by pain, and the blood will not be very red. It will look more maroon or brown in color. If your bloody stool was bright red, you most likely do not have cancer, but a simple case of hemorrhoids.
Yellow Fever: This one makes me laugh a little, not because Yellow Fever is at all a funny disease, but because unless you have travelled extensively in under-developed areas, this is not the cause of your rectal bleeding. It is pretty much a dead disease in most civilized countries.
STDs: Some nasty STDs can cause blood in my stool if they have gone untreated. If this is the case, you probably would have known by now. Rectal bleeding is usually only caused by STDs when they have gone untreated for a long time.
We still think that the most likely cause of the blood in your stool is hemorrhoids. To treat hemorrhoids, take a look at some of the articles we have here centered around hemorrhoids remedies.

If you are more concerned about your bloody stool, then by all means, make an appointment so that you can rule out some of the more serious conditions that are not likely, but somewhat possible.

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