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Blood on Toilet Paper

Did you find an unpleasant surprise the last time you were doing your number two business? Blood on toilet paper can be very worrisome, especially if it was unexpected. That is probably what led you to this article, your fear of the bright red blood in the toilet. Well, you can relax, because the good news is you are not dying. You probably are not dissolving from the inside out, and you most likely have no serious injuries that have gone unnoticed. The truth is, red blood in the toilet is really a sign of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your anal area. When they swell, they can make it hard to pass stool causing the hemorrhoids victim to push harder through their bowel movements. This can cause tearing of the rectum which can cause a nice streak of bright red blood on toilet paper.

Blood on stool and toilet paper after a bowel movement can be cause by internal hemorrhoids as well. Sometimes the dilated hemorrhoids veins can burst, and this blood will secrete itself out with your stool. Again, this can be disconcerting. Nobody wants to see bright red blood on toilet paper, but it is most likely nothing terribly serious. It is probably a hemorrhoid problem.

Hemorrhoids are no walk in the park, but for the most part they are fairly minor and very treatable. There are scores of hemorrhoid treatment options available from fiber supplements, to herbal treatments, to suppositories and even creams and ointments. If you want to learn more about any of these various hemorrhoids remedies, then you will want to peruse through our very extensive collection of hemorrhoid treatment articles. There is sure to be the best hemorrhoids treatment option for you in there somewhere.

While red blood on toilet paper is nothing to panic about, it is also nothing to take lightly either. You most likely have a hemorrhoid problem, and we suggest that you take actions against this inconvenient condition immediately. Decide what course of action you would like to take, and get crackin’! The sooner you solve your hemorrhoid problem, the sooner you will stop blood on toilet paper after bowel movements and red blood in the toilet.

Most of the hemorrhoid treatments available are easy to do yourself from the comfort of your own home, so unless you have a very serious case, (which is unlikely if this is the first time you have noticed the blood on toilet paper), you will be able to treat yourself in privacy from your home. Good luck!

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