The objective of the treatment of the internal hemorrhoids is to control the blood vessels present in rectum and anus that get swollen as a result of the weakening of tissues. The internal hemorrhoids are different in comparison to external hemorrhoids as they do not protrude out of the anus.
The most common early symptoms of internal hemorrhoid include showing of red blood in the stool which may be visible either in the toilet or present on tissue paper used in toilet. Thought the occurrence of blood in hemorrhoids is not a severe condition, but you should not ignore it and visit the doctor immediately to confirm that the condition is only due to hemorrhoids.
Generally, mild and initial stages of internal hemorrhoids can easily be treated simply by taking some specific components in daily diet that is generally available as common food items only. The hemorrhoids tissue bleeds due to excessive pressure during stools, less exercise or sitting for long hours. The simplest way of avoiding this is increasing the amount of natural as an ingredient of diet that will make your digestive tract stronger and stable and will facilitate in a bowel movement. There are a lot of daily food items that are abundant in natural fiber and the only thing you need to do is increase their amount in your regular daily diet. The food items that are rich in natural fiber include whole grains, fruits (especially citrus fruits, apples), vegetables and juices. Another simple and effective technique is to drink lots and lots of water regularly. It will have double benefit as it will make the stool soft and will also hydrate the body thereby increasing the strength of the blood vessels.
Moreover, routine habits and schedule should be changed for effective results. Do not keep on sitting continuously for long hours. Do try to stand up and move in between long sitting stretches. Our body is not used remaining in non-conventional positions for long hours as it is only meant to remain in conditions of either standing or lying down for long hours. It is even more helpful that you do some mild stretching exercises while you are standing. Even simplest of exercise like walking can get your muscles and tissues to work up and relax and get some blood running through them, which can easily prevent or treat the condition of internal hemorrhoids.
In order to instantly heal the internal hemorrhoids, you can safely use ointments available for hemorrhoids such as Preparation H or suppositories, which can easily be obtained from any local medical store.
Apart from taking these treatment steps after the occurrence of hemorrhoids, it is always better to take care of your lifestyle to avoid the occurrence of hemorrhoids itself.