Cortaid is a popular brand of cortisone cream. Since this particular steroid is often used to reduce swelling and itching of certain injuries like poisonous insect bites, allergic reactions, eczema, psoriasis, and sprains- it would make sense that the healing qualities in Cortaid would work well with hemorrhoids. The answer to the question of whether or not you can use Cortaid on hemorrhoids is unfortunately not a question with a straight forward answer. The answer is a resounding ‘Sometimes.’

Cortaid is a steroid that works to reduce the swelling and inflammation of many kinds of conditions of the skin. Since it is used to treat skin conditions, it is a topical treatment usually found in a cream format. This cream is smoothed onto the affected and swollen area, and usually works to reduce the swelling and increase the blood flow in those areas within a few hours.

Sounds like that would work wonders on hemorrhoids, doesn’t it? Sometimes it is just the ticket. It can reduce swelling, relieve pain, and stop itching which are all common symptoms associated with hemorrhoids- especially external hemorrhoids and piles.

As good as all that sounds, however, there is one danger to using Cortaid on any injury. Cortaid should not be used on skin that has open sores or bleeding. If you wish to use Cortaid on your problem area down there, make sure that the hemorrhoid has not burst and that the skin is not open and bleeding. This could lead to complications like infection, but it will mostly just sting and it will make the open wound harder to heal.

If you have an open wound and a bleeding hemorrhoid but you still want to use Cortaid because of the powerful reviews it has received, then it would be a good idea to use some gentler forms of treatment to heal up the wound until it is no longer bleeding. Once this has been achieved, you are free to apply all the Cortaid you desire as it healed wound will no longer present a danger to you and your rectal tissue.

Cortaid is also the kind of cream and ointment that should not be bandaged up after application. While you are probably not planning on bandaging your hemorrhoid ridden bum, you probably do plan on wearing some kind of covering the next time you go out in public. That is not wise if you choose to use Cortaid to treat your hemorrhoid.

Should you choose to try Cortaid to treat your hemorrhoid problems, then let it sit out in the open for a while before wiping it off, clothing yourself and carrying on with your day. This might sound incredibly inconvenient, but it is the proper protocol for harnessing the healing power of Cortaid.

In the end, if those obstacles of closing open wounds, and allowing a fresh coat of Cortaid to hang dry for a bit can be achieved, then Cortaid may be just what you need to defeat hemorrhoids.