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Creating a Plan to Avoid Hemorrhoids

Those who have experienced the pain of hemorrhoids surely know how valuable it would be to have a plan to avoid getting them again in the future. Those who have not had the pleasure of hemorrhoids will want to make sure they are in a position to not ever have to face that particular ailment.

This article will show you three important and effective elements you can focus on to create a plan to avoid getting hemorrhoids. Each piece of this hemorrhoid avoidance plan is simple, but they can really work wonders for a sore bottom!

Step 1: Eat a High Fiber Diet
Fiber is amazing! A high fiber diet plan can help our digestion, lower your cholesterol, help with heartburn, and increase your weight loss. As you can see, the benefits of a high fiber diet reach well beyond the comfort of your rear end! Following a high fiber menu is not as complicated as it might sound.

There are so many high fiber diet recipes, and lots of foods that are naturally high fiber foods. If you are unsure of how to keep your food intake high in fiber, then you might consider purchasing a high fiber diet menu plan. There are some great fiber diet menu options out there such as:

Benefiber Menu Plan- this product is a fiber supplement, but on their website, they have created a wonderful resource for you to find some natural forms of fiber and create a low carb high fiber diet.
Weight Watchers- if you invest in this weight loss program, there is an option there to watch some of the individual meal content items like fiber and carbs. This program is a great way to help you stick with a low fat high fiber diet menu in an organized way that also provides support. – this website is dedicated to high fiber recipes that can help you heal from hemorrhoids and diverticulitis- something that tends to go hand in hand with hemorrhoids.
These sample high fiber diets are all easy to follow and well worth any monetary investment they may require as the benefits of a high fiber diet will reach into every area of your life, including your bleeding and sore bum.

Step 2: Avoid Heavy Lifting
There are no diet plans or instructions needed for this item. It is pretty straight forward, but very useful to follow. Lifting heavy items like furniture or boxes places a strain on the back and pelvic muscles.

Even weight lifting, which is a very healthy exercise choice, can cause hemorrhoids when done in the wrong way. If there is heavy lifting to be done in your life, make sure you do it right. Protect your bum from hemorrhoids by avoiding heavy lifting when possible.

Step 3: Do Not Strain During Bowel Movements
Going Number 2 can present a very real danger for hemorrhoids. When pushing to release fecal matter that is hard or blocked up, you are putting a significant strain on the veins in the rectal area. This is what causes those veins to dilate and create hemorrhoids.

Following a high fiber diet plan will help keep your stool softer, and not rushing your time on the toilet can help to avoid hemorrhoids.

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