Hemorrhoids. For those who suffer from them, they are living in a silent hell. Who knows of anyone who has ever discussed their hemorrhoids them?

Exactly – no one. And if you have them, have you ever discussed them with anyone other than your doctor? It’s unlikely.

Despite the fact that perhaps between 40% and 50% of the population have hemorrhoids at any one time, piles, as they are also known, still have a stigma attached to them.

This means that most people suffer in silence, too embarrassed to mention their ailment to anyone other than a medical professional.

Traditional treatments
There are many traditional treatments available to hemorrhoid sufferers. Over-the-counter treatments include suppositories, gels, creams, antiseptics, analgesics, protectants and astringents which are all applied topically. Prescriptive treatments include corticosteroids, vasoconstrictors and keratolytics. All of these treatments however serve to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids and do not attempt to address the root cause.

There are also procedures available – both surgical and non-surgical – which include sclerotherapy (the injection of the hemorrhoid to reduce it), cryotherapy (using very cold temperatures to reduce the size of the hemorrhoid), band ligation, and a hemorrhoidectomy – the surgical removal of the hemorrhoid.

Whilst these procedures may prove successful, they do not claim to completely remove the occurrence of hemorrhoids and indeed often sufferers find that their hemorrhoids do return, sometimes in only a couple of months.

In fact many hemorrhoid sufferers are just told to “accept it” or to “live with it” as many doctors do not have anything sufficient in their armory which can remove hemorrhoids and stop them re-occurring completely. For many people suffering with piles, this is familiarly depressing.

A new way to permanently cure hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoid No More is an ebook, available via online download, which claims it can “permanently cure your hemorrhoids”. At first glance, this looks too good to be true. So, what’s behind this claim?

Seemingly defying all current medical knowledge and processes regarding hemorrhoid treatment and removal, the author Jessica Wright says that she has found the answer to the relieving of the symptoms of hemorrhoids and actually curing them for good. This news really will be music to the ears of anyone who undergoes day after day pain, itching, bleeding and discomfort from hemorrhoids – as long as it works!

So, what’s different about Jessica’s system to traditional treatments?

Holistic approach
“Hemorrhoid No More” is a “holistic 5-step system” that treats the cause of the hemorrhoid, not the symptoms directly. This does seem to make sense. Hemorrhoids are caused by enlarged blood vessels within the anal passageway and so treating them must surely involve lessening the pressure on these veins and treating the problem from the inside. Hemorrhoid No More claims to do this.

The author’s credentials
So, what makes Jessica Wright the authority on hemorrhoids? Jessica had been a sufferer herself for 12 years, trying every lotion, potion and cream on the market until she found her own solution. She tried all manner of methods – upping fiber and water intake, detoxing, many different kinds of diets and therapies, and even surgery until she realized that nothing was really working.

The agony she was in and had been in for so long drove her to try to find a solution herself. Through many years of research, trial and error and testing out a combination of techniques, foods and herbal products amongst many other things, she states she finally got rid of her hemorrhoids permanently.

Jessica then tested her methodology with other people, until today she states she has over 147,000 clients throughout the world who have used her system successfully. Her success rate, she claims, is 98.2% (whilst this is not independently verified on her website).

The author tells it like it is. She speaks in clear, to-the-point layman’s terms and does not claim to be any kind of scientist. However, the research she has carried out relentlessly into this topic has to be admired. Having such a painful condition must spur you on to find a solution and seemingly, Jessica Wright has done exactly this.

The author is also qualified as a medical researcher, nutrition specialist and health consultant and so she seems to come from a sound professional background in addition to having been a sufferer herself.

Before you purchase the ebook, you can also contact the author directly if you have any queries.

Whilst of course the actual system itself is not divulged, there any many points made alluding to what the system entails, for example:

The worst and best foods to eat
Exercise and techniques
How and what natural remedies, herbs and vitamins to use
What medications to avoid
What lifestyle changes you should make
and more…

What the author also makes clear though is that this is no quick-fix treatment. She doesn’t claim her system to be easy – but that it’s doable and it works. In order to get results, you have to be prepared to put the effort in. Indeed her testimonials vouch for this fact. If you do stick to the system though, she claims that within days your hemorrhoids can be significantly improved and that usually they will disappear forever.

The system claims to cure all grades of hemorrhoid – both internal and external and has been clinically researched and proven to work, Wright states.

Also, the author tells the reader that traditional treatments do not work, and she maintains that they can actually be harmful for your health. The ebook claims to expose the truth about these treatments, and the billion dollar industry behind them which seemingly do no more than treat symptoms.

There are also many testimonials which seem to back up the effectiveness of Jessica Wright’s system. These testimonials can be verified by email upon request.