sitz-bathSitz bath treatments are considered to be very effective for curing hemorrhoids. Here are the steps which you can follow for an enjoyable experience with sitz bath for treating hemorrhoids.

Decide a Comfortable Place for the Sitz Bath

The choices available for taking a sitz bath are a bath tub or a sitz bath basin. Both of the options have their own pros and cons. The advantages of taking the bath in bathtub at your home is that the bathtub does not cost you anything extra and is easily available as it is already available in your home. However, it may feel awkward to take sitz bath in your home bathtub. The problem with bathing in your bathtub is that you are again putting pressure on your hemorrhoids. Also, using bath tub can be inconvenient, especially for those people who feel dizzy when they bath in a bathtub. So, it’s better to avoid using bathtub if you have already had such experience in bathing in the bathtub. As you will have to take baths two or three times in a day during the sitz bath tub, such a problem can really be substantial.

The second option, that is to use a sitz bath basin that is fitted at the top of a toilet, is generally much more convenient and effective for many people, especially if such treatment is being taken after a hemorrhoid surgery. The bath basin’s fittings are available in many specifications so that you can choose one according to your convenience and use.

Prepare the bath

Be sure that when you prepare the water, it is actually helping your cause and not posing any problems. It will depend on whether you just want to affect the hemorrhoids and anus muscles, or you also want to heel over the hips. The level of water will depend on this choice.

You can either use just plain and clean water or add something such as baking soda or oils to the water.
After preparing the bath, just sit down and relax in a comfortable position as you have to stay in the position for around half an hour. Repeat the activity two or three times a day to see clear results.
Post bath, it is very essential that you are dry yourself completely as dampness in the anal area will not help in healing and will rather worsen the condition. After drying up completely, you can apply an ointment that will help in soothing the skin. The sensitive skin will really be heeled by using an ointment under the condition of excessive stretching and lot of bathing.

Following these simple steps will definitely help you in easily curing the hemorrhoids.