External hemorrhoids are very painful indeed, but it is a good thing that there are remedies that people can use although it would be better that a doctor will confirm their presence and give some medications. These hemorrhoids can be very embarrassing not to mention the, itchy, tender painful episodes that affect the anal area. External hemorrhoids treatment is needed in order to prevent these swollen veins to become prolapsed or develop into a thrombose. In extreme cases wherein these swollen veins do not heal quickly or respond to medicines, surgery is needed to remove these bothersome veins that cause so much pain.

Luckily, only a few patients will need surgery to remove these pesky external hemorrhoids and the majority may resort to natural treatments in order to alleviate themselves from the pain that these hemorrhoids bring. External hemorrhoids treatment will come in the form of foods that are high in fiber and a person who consumes these will be able have bowel movements that are easy and soft. Aside from fiber, drinking plenty of water will make it easier for a person to defecate and not exert too much effort. The recommended fiber intake is 25-35 mg a day and together with fluid intake this will ensure that the person will be hydrated.

Other treatments for external hemorrhoids are topical creams that can be applied in the affected areas. Although there effects are temporary, these creams are still able to ease the discomfort somewhat. Also, before applying these topical creams, a sufferer must gently clean the area and never scratch them if they are itchy. This will only render external hemorrhoids treatment useless and will make matters worse because infections may occur. Shrinking these hemorrhoids may seem difficult, but one way to achieve this is to apply an ice pack for twenty minutes. A person afflicted with this kind of hemorrhoid may also put frozen vegetables on a cloth and apply it to the area.

Others ways to shrink them is to use astringents, corticosteroids and vasoconstrictors. These external hemorrhoids treatment can be effective provided that a person is not suffering from health condition like high blood pressure. Also, these medications are not for everyone so it would be a good idea to consult a pharmacist who will recommend the safer ones. Astringents will help very much because these will help cool down the affected areas ravaged by external hemorrhoids. Hydrocortisone is a very strong medication and they will shrink hemorrhoids very quickly especially in emergency cases.

However, this medication should not be taken on a daily basis because the muscle walls of the anal region will become weaker and more vulnerable to more hemorrhoid attacks. External hemorrhoids treatment is very useful for people who want relief from their pain, but they must also change their lifestyle as well. Medications can only do so much, but if it is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise hemorrhoids can be eradicated quickly. Lastly, treatment for these hemorrhoids should be supervised by a doctor to get the best results.