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Hemorrhoid Alternative Cures

Hemorrhoids are a quite literal pain in the behind. They are sore, itchy, and make any activity a long trial to endure. They are not, however, very serious. This means that if a visit to the doctor can be avoided, then it probably should be.

In order for this to occur, there has to be some kind of alternative hemorrhoids treatment that can be done at home. Lucky for you, there are many hemorrhoids alternative cures.

Many of them are even more effective than the cures used in the doctor’s office, and the alternative hemorrhoids cures won’t count towards your deductible or require an insurance co-payment. Win – Win! Here are some of the easiest hemorrhoid alternative cures you can try:

Sitz Bath: Procure some Sitz crystals, place them in a warm bath, and soak your sore tushie for up to half an hour. Sitz crystals are the best, but some swear by any kind of bath salt. Regular salts should not be used if you have open sores as a result of your hemorrhoids.
Ice Packs: This hemorrhoid alternative cure is more of a temporary treatment, but it sure does help ease the pain and swelling. You can even take an ice cube and insert it in your anus. This will allow the veins in your rectum to recede and calm down.
Shorten Your Time on the Potty: If you are sitting on the toilet for more than 5 minutes at a stretch, you are making your hemorrhoids worse. We suggest waiting to do your number 2 business until it is so ready to come out that it won’t take long. This might sound like a strange way to treat hemorrhoids, but it can help a lot.
Witch Hazel Pads: Take a feminine pad, or an old person diaper deal, pour some witch hazel on it, and place it in your underwear right where your hemorrhoid will sit.
White Oak Bark: This can be placed on bleeding hemorrhoids to staunch the bleeding and reduce the pain.
Aloe Vera: This is one that shocks some people as aloe vera is often seen as a dermatology item. Think about it, though. Aloe helps cool down sunburns and reduce redness of other dermatology conditions. These same things can help with the pain, swelling, and redness of hemorrhoids. The natural leaves work best, but purchased ointments can still help a lot.
Prunes: Prunes, aside from being yummy, are chock full of fiber and work as a gentle, but natural laxative to help soften your stool and regulate digestion. Prunes really are one of the best natural alternative hemorrhoids treatments out there. So simple, but so effective.
There are other great hemorrhoid alternative cures out there. If you are looking for more information on those, take a look at some of the other articles on this site that are about those alternative and natural hemorrhoids cures.

Many of them are very simple, but we stand by our statement that they can all be very effective if used correctly.

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