Hemorrhoids are something that many, many, MANY people in the adult population will experience. Hemorrhoids occur when the veins around the anus and rectum get stressed and dilate.

This causes swelling and painful sores that sometimes bleed. There are lots of different hemorrhoid treatments available on the market today. One of the most popular home remedies for hemorrhoid pain relief on the market today is hemorrhoid cream.

Hemroid cream helps to relieve hemorrhoids by working to resolve the three main components of hemorrhoids that cause discomfort. These symptoms are:

Pain- pain in the rectal region is very common in cases of hemorrhoids. If it didn’t hurt, chances are nobody would complain too much, and the demand for products like hemorrhoid cream would be moot.
Swelling- since the veins in the rectum are all dilated during hemorrhoid problems, swelling is a common complaint of hemorrhoid victims. Many cream for hemorrhoid options have agents in them that calm and reduce swelling which can bring almost immediate relief to hemorrhoid victims.
Itching- as the skin around the anus swells, it stretches and sometimes tears. These tears are usually painful, but more common than that, they are terribly itchy. Obviously scratching tears is not a very beneficial way to handle to problem, so the fact that haemorrhoid cream works to relieve itchy bums is a very nice bonus.
There are many different hemroid creams on the market today. Finding the best hemorrhoid cream for your particular case of piles can be difficult, but here are some of the most popular brands on the market:

Preparation H Hemorrhoid Ointment
Preparation H Haemorrhoid Cream
ZenMed Ziro Cream
Tucks Hemorrhoidal Ointment
There are hemorrhoid ointments and creams on this list. The main difference between the hemroid ointments and the hemroid creams is that the ointments are more greasy and stiff while the creams are softer and more gentle. Hemorrhoid ointments, while not as gentle, are usually a better barrier against moisture.

There are lots of other options, but these hemroid creams have found themselves on the ‘Best Of’ polls concerning hemorrhoid creams time and time again. Each of these cream for hemorrhoids work to treat each of the three parts of hemorrhoid suffering.

They all reduce pain, swelling, and itching that occur in your derriere when hemorrhoids appear. The best hemorrhoid cream for you will be the one that works the best with your particular body, needs, and kind of hemorrhoid.

If you are still having trouble choosing a hemorrhoid cream, then talk to your friends and family member who have endured hemorrhoid problems, or call your doctor to find what he personally suggests.

If you are still conflicted as to which hemorrhoid cream will be the best for you, then consider purchasing more than one of the hemorrhoid cream and trying them out. Most hemorrhoid creams are not expensive, and the relief that you will find when you land on the right haemorrhoid cream for you will be well worth the time and effort you put into discovering the right one for you.