Hemorrhoid is a very common condition to people. But not all are aware about this fact that is why it is very important to learn what the symptoms of this ailment are. As it is common to everyone, one who has it might not be aware he has hemorrhoid because the symptoms are sometimes mistakenly identified for other related condition. In this article, you will learn hemorrhoid symptoms so you will know if you are experiencing the same and eventually know the proper treatment for such.

There are two types of hemorrhoids which mean that there are also two sets of symptoms you must remember. The first one is the internal hemorrhoid and the other one is external hemorrhoid. From the words itself, each can easily be distinguished. Internal hemorrhoid occurs inside the rectal area and the external on the outside. There are different symptoms that you will feel with these hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids are said to be the most critical type of hemorrhoid as you cannot feel it’s presence if it has not swollen yet. You will only know that it exists if you experience painless bleeding. When you strain on bowel movements, and you see bright blood, then it indicates that you have internal hemorrhoid. Bleeding during bowel movement isn’t normal at all so this should alarm you.

Other symptoms you should remember of internal hemorrhoid are itching and irritation. You’ll feel bulges in the anus and also you’ll feel it protruding in your anus but this can be pushed back by your finger.

On the other hand, unbearable pain in the rectal area is the most common symptom of external hemorrhoid. People who experience such kind of pain find it hard to properly sit down especially when you have bowel movements. Small movements will trigger the pain and it is very difficult to handle. You’ll also feel burning sensation which will cause uneasiness on the part of the patient.

All the symptoms are felt with different patients, some of this can be prevented but some can’t be. Hemorrhoids can be easily treated but when it is left untreated for a very long period, this might be fatal especially the internal hemorrhoids which can’t be felt unless swollen. So if you are experiencing these symptoms, always do the preventive measure to avoid serious conditions and as the common quote states “if symptoms persist, consult your doctor”. They will always tell what’s best and what’s not.