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Hemorrhoids Causes

What causes hemorrhoids? What are hemorrhoids? These are common questions about a common medical problem. This article should present some answers to these frequently asked questions about hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are swollen vessels lying around the anus and the sphincter that can cause pain and even bleeding when ruptured or overtaxed. Hemorrhoids are very common, which is understandable when considering all the different causes of hemorrhoids that have been found.

While doctors are still not sure what exactly brings about these swollen veins, there are definitely certain factors that are associated with them that are seen as sure contributing causes of hemorrhoids.

The first, and most commonly considered hemorrhoids cause is constipation of the bowels, which is almost always caused by a diet low in fiber.

Constipation, or the product of an unhealthy diet unfortified in fiber causes the bowels to restrict and pulse to pass the harder substances, and this can put undue pressure on the veins around the anus. Hemorrhoids and constipation have always been highly connected occurrences.

A very common activity that seen as a hemorrhoids cause that appears, or alerts people to the fact that they have a hemorrhoid problem is strenuous bowel movements.

Pushing too hard on the muscles that pass gas and other such substances through the anal cavity can put too much pressure on the swollen veins and allow them to appear in the form of hemorrhoids.

Even without constipation or strained bowel movements, hemorrhoids can appear just by sitting on the toilet for an extended period of time. The position of the body and the anal region while in potty-stance is connected to hemorrhoids.

Another factor, that is probably not a cause of hemorrhoid, but definitely presents a higher risk of hemorrhoid occurrence is old age. It is believed that as people age, the structural integrity of the matter around the veins near the bowels is lowered, making it more likely for the veins to swell, lower, and bring about the dreaded hemorrhoid.

Heavy lifting without proper support can also cause hemorrhoids, just as it can cause hernias. It is important to be wise and patient while lifting heavy loads, as doing so improperly can cause hemorrhoid problems.

Many pregnant women experience hemorrhoids, especially near the end of their term. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are thought to occur because of the weight of the fetus pulling on the muscles, as well as the lack of space for swollen veins.

This pressure and lack of room make the swollen veins more likely to appear as hemorrhoids.

One of the more serious causes of hemorrhoids is pelvic tumors. When there is a foreign growth in the rectal region, there is less space for swollen veins, and this can push them to the surface of the skin and beyond causing hemorrhoids.

While it is not yet determined why a connection between hemorrhoids and obesity exists, there is substantial evidence that obese people are more likely to experience problems with hemorrhoids than people of more healthy weights.

This could be due to diet, or the physical strength of the rectal area, but no hard facts have yet been found.

Other lifestyle choices can cause hemorrhoids to appear such as anal sexual relations, and other such activities. Interfering with the surface of the skin in that region can weaken the flexibility and durability of the area causing it more likely to rupture when hemorrhoids are present.

Finally, it is possible that a predisposition to hemorrhoids can be the main cause of hemorrhoids in some people. If most of the previous items cannot be attributed to your problem with hemorrhoids, then genetics might be the real cause of your hemorrhoids.

Knowing these common causes of hemorrhoids can help in preventing, diagnosing, and treating hemorrhoids before they become too intense or severe.

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