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Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

It seems unfair that pregnant women should be more prone to hemorrhoids when they have so many other painful things to endure. The reason that hemorrhoids during pregnancy are so common has to do with the weight and placement of the fetus.

In many women, this added weight of the unborn baby pushes on the varicose veins in the pelvic region. This pressure causes these varicose veins to swell and manifest themselves as painful hemorrhoids.

If you are one of the unfortunate women who experiences pregnancy hemorrhoids, or even piles in pregnancy, then do not despair. There are ways to deal with these painful intruders in the rectal region, many of which are easy to do.

In any treatment plan, the best resources and actions are ones that are effective and also preventative. The best way to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to make sure that you are partaking of a diet high in fiber.

Fruits and vegetables added into your diet will not only prevent pregnancy hemorrhoids from occurring, but will also increase the likelihood that you will have a healthy baby.

Another preventative treatment for pregnancy hemorrhoids is to limit your hard physical activity. Refrain from heavy lifting, and long periods of standing. Avoiding these physical activities will make it harder for the weight of your new baby belly to produce the pressure needed to cause hemorrhoid piles in pregnancy.

If you are in the position where you spend much of your day in a sitting position, then be sure and make things easier on your anal area by allotting yourself times to get up and walk around.

Constant sitting puts undue pressure on your rectum and sphincter, and this, along with the added weight of a fetus, can bring about hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Providing yourself with a pillow or other soft item to sit on might also be useful.

One of the reasons why hemorrhoids during pregnancy are so common is because of the overload of progesterone created during pregnancy. This is a hormone that causes the walls of veins to soften and dilate.

This softening of the vein walls make them more prone to swelling, which causes hemorrhoids. There are hormone supplements and pre-natal vitamins on the market that can counteract or even reduce the level of progesterone in your body during pregnancy.

Constipation is another problem that many women deal with during their pregnancy. This constipation, usually caused by a low-fiber diet or a hormonal imbalance, an lead to pregnancy piles as this causes women to strain themselves during bowel movements.

This strain meant to move along solid stool can cause hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Avoiding foods that cause constipation, and being careful while passing stool during constipated bowel movements can reduce the chances of getting hemorrhoids while pregnant.

Being aware of these causes and treatments of hemorrhoids during pregnancy can help you avoid and relieve the pain associated with hemorrhoids if you are one of the unlucky women who is prone to hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

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