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Hemorrhoids Herbs

Hemorrhoids are a common ailment experienced by adults, and that commonality has a lot to do with all the different and sometimes quite simple ways hemorrhoids can come about.

A lot of people let their hemorrhoids go untreated because they don’t want to see a doctor about their bum problem, or they don’t want to pay the sometimes steep price for the treatment options, or they feel that the common hemorrhoids treatments are a little too caustic.

Fortunately, whatever your reason for postponing hemorrhoids treatment is, there are many hemorrhoids herbs that can gently and naturally reduce your hemorrhoids suffering.

Here are just some of the herbs for hemroids that you can try.

Aloe Vera: This is an herb generally though of for skin conditions, but not always used for hemorrhoids. The cooling elements of this gentle and common herb are perfect for soothing the external symptoms of hemorrhoids like pain, itching, and swelling. This tri-fecta of hemorrhoids relief makes aloe vera the best and most easily accessible herb for hemorrhoids treatment around.
Dandelion: I always like when I find positive uses for this dreaded weed. It makes me feel like my overgrown weed garden might prove useful someday. Dandelions are a great herb for hemorrhoids as they can be used in many ways. You can eat the greens in a salad, you can make a tea, or you can steam the greens and throw it in with some spinach. Dandelions are one of the most unique herbs for hemorrhoids because it works to increase the production of bile in your system, and that bile secretion can move the digestive system along and soothe the pain of hemorrhoids.
St. John’s Wort: This herb for hemorrhoid is interesting as it actually shrinks the dilated veins that cause hemorrhoids. This amazing shrinking effect makes this one of the best herbs for hemorrhoids out there. If the veins can shrink, then the pain and swelling will diminish, and the hemorrhoids can be cured without any further medical treatment.
Psyllium: Psyllium seeds can be powdered and used as an outer treatment, or it can be ingested and used as a laxative to move things along in your digestion. Or, you can do both. Psyillum seeds come from plantains, and are a very gentle and natural hemorrhoids herb to try.
Butcher’s Broom: This is one of the herbs for hemroids that works mostly as a cleansing agent. It keeps the affected area clean and free from the acidic nature of what happens down in that particular bodily function area. Similar to Aloe Vera, it also has a cooling and numbing effect that can soothe the pain. Butcher’s broom should be used in small quantities, but it can be a very effective herb for hemorrhoids if used correctly.
There are lots of other herbs for hemroids not listed here that can bring a lot of relief to victims of hemorrhoids pain. Many of these herbs for hemorrhoids can be found at any whole foods store or natural treatment centers.

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