While surgery is generally the last effort for doctors working to treat chronic hemorrhoids, it can be a very good option for patients who feel they are at the end of their rope and are ready to leave behind the hemorrhoids that haven’t been solved or eradicated by other gentler means.

There are a few different kinds of hemorrhoids surgery which makes sense since there are a few kinds of hemorrhoids, and varying degrees of severity in each of these kinds of hemorrhoids. This article will give you a brief overview of some different kinds of hemorrhoids surgeries that are available, and what you can expect from them.

This was the most common hemorrhoids surgery until recently when laser surgery began to be more prominent. This is exactly what it sounds like- a hemorrhoids removal surgery. The dilated vein is pinched and closed to stop the bleeding, and the clotted portion is entirely removed.

This is a slightly invasive procedure, but is a good option as it can be an internal hemorrhoids surgery or an external hemorrhoids surgery. Clearly, the internal option is more invasive and will require more recover time. Patients who undergo this hemorrhoids surgery will have pain in their bum for about a week and will be required to stay on a gentle diet until the affected area is healed over.

Rubber Banding
This hemorrhoids surgery is sometimes called band ligation. Basically, the doctor takes a tiny rubber band and wraps it tightly around the hemorrhoid. This makes it impossible for the swelling and dilation there to continue. This surgery for hemorrhoids is used in more minor cases, as it won’t work for larger cases, and could cause some complications. The recovery time for this surgery for hemorrhoids is less than the hemorrhoidectomy, but the diet is still highly recommended.

Laser Surgery
This is the new popular surgery for hemorrhoids. That is because while it is more expensive, it is more effective and less invasive. Basically, a laser is pointed at the dilated veins, and it burns or cauterizes the flow there. This cuts off the source of the hemorrhoids, and they will shrink and die off.

Generally this is an internal hemorrhoids surgery, but more doctors are using it as an internal hemorrhoids surgery as well. Because it is newer than the other two options, some insurance companies are reluctant to cover them as much as the other options, thus the higher price. The recovery time, however, is much shorter, and the chance of recurring hemorrhoids is lower. Most people see those benefits as greatly offsetting the higher price.

The right hemorrhoids surgery for you will depend on what kind of hemorrhoids you have, what caused them, how long you have had them, and what kind of recovery you will be able to withstand. If surgery for hemorrhoids is something you are strongly considering, than you should do the research on the different kinds, and then consult your doctor about what will work best for you and your circumstances.