This is a tough question. Well, technically it is a simple question, but it is a tough question to try and answer concisely. How big do hemorrhoids get?

Hemorrhoids can get very big if they are allowed to become so. They can also be very tiny. It all depends on a few different factors. Her are just some of the different factors that determine how big hemorrhoids can get for different people:

The age of the patient. The older you are, the harder a hemorrhoid can be to heal, and the bigger the hemorrhoids can get.
The number of hemorrhoids you have at once. Clearly, more hemorrhoids at once will mean for smaller hemorrhoids, but they can still be hard to get rid of when clustered.
The kind of hemorrhoid you have. Thrombosed hemorrhoids get much bigger than internal hemorrhoids.
The toughness of your skin. If your skin is weak, the hemorrhoids can get big fast. If your skin is healthy, then it will take more for the hemorrhoids to swell and get bigger.
Your daily activities. More active people have less problems with hemorrhoids, and smaller hemorrhoids when they do get them. Less active people tend to be more prone to hemorrhoids, and get bigger hemorrhoids.
Your diet. If your diet is high in fiber, then the hemorrhoids should stay small. If your diet is full of things that cause constipation, your hemorrhoids will get bigger before they get better.
Your digestive habits. If you are prone to constipation or diarrhea, then your hemorrhoids could get bigger. People on a more regular bowel movement schedule tend to have smaller hemorrhoids.
The kinds of treatment you feel comfortable using. Not all hemorrhoids treatments are created equal. Sometimes the size of your hemorrhoids will depend on which treatments you choose to use.
In a more literal answer to the question of how big do hemorrhoids get, we can say that smaller hemorrhoids are about the size of an earthworm or a piece of yarn. Not huge, but uncomfortable all the same. Larger hemorrhoids can get as big as the width of one of your fingers. If they get any bigger than that, then you might be looking at a problem other than hemorrhoids such as a hernia.

The idea that you could have a dilated vein as big as one of your fingers in your sitting place might be a bit intimidating. Keep in mind that this large size of hemorrhoid is rare and usually only happens after large amounts of strain like heavy lifting, and all in conjunction with a bad diet. Usually, if you treat the hemorrhoid early, it will not get to the point of mimicking a hernia.

Be sure to know the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids so that if you have this problem, you can treat it right away and can keep your hemorrhoid problem on the smaller side of the scale.