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How Do You Get Hemorrhoids?

Some people often ask, how do you get hemorrhoids? There are many causes of these swollen veins that are located in the rectal area. Hemorrhoid sizes will vary and they may range from pea to grape size and this is the same thing pain. Discomfort may range from mild to severe and this will be accompanied by persistent itching. If the cause of hemorrhoids is discovered earlier, then it can be cured easily.

Luckily, there are several home remedies that are readily available for hemorrhoid sufferers. It is not important for patients to ask, how do you get hemorrhoids? The reason is that what matters is the cure and there are many out there such as ointments and hemorrhoid creams. Currently, there is also a new treatment that has natural ingredients that will significantly eliminate the presence of these swollen veins. Moreover, these treatments have a high success rate that surgery is not needed. Still it cannot be denied that hemorrhoids have a tendency to make a comeback due to many factors such as constipation and too much straining when one is defecating.

The crucial thing that a person should do is to drink plenty of water and eat foods that have high fiber content in order to keep his or her stool soft. Also, that person has to avoid lifting heavy things such as luggage or dumbbells. One fact on how do you get hemorrhoids is diarrhea wherein a person eats too much spicy foods or cannot tolerate lactose. More often than not if a person keeps on wiping his anal area roughly, the more chances that hemorrhoids will happen. A good remedy for this is to use wet wipes or one should wet his or her tissue and scrub the anal area gently as much as possible.

Age is another factor on how do you get hemorrhoids because body tissues especially in the rectal and anal area become weaker due to wear and tear. Moreover, blood circulation in these areas will also be affected and the veins will become more vulnerable and prone to swelling. To avoid this scenario, exercising and eating the right foods will offset the aging process. Also, a person should dispense from drinking alcoholic drinks because this will make it easier for hemorrhoids to develop. Even if the chances are remote, there are people who might have tumor or cyst growths in their rectal area and these may put pressure on the veins.

Another factor that is often overlooked is chronic cough which also is a culprit in the formation of hemorrhoids. Surprisingly, one thing on how do you get hemorrhoids is excessive laughter because a person’s body can be subjected to physical actions that are violent and sudden especially if he reacts to a funny situation. Lastly, high blood pressure caused by eating low fiber foods can cause hemorrhoids. The only way to limit or eradicate hemorrhoids is to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid sitting around the whole day. Exercising will definitely lower the chances of one having hemorrhoids.

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