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How Long do Hemorrhoids Last?

That is a question raised by anyone who has suffered the wrath of a bum infested with hemorrhoids. The answer, unfortunately, is pretty vague. How long do piles last?

Well, that always depends on the person, the severity of the hemorrhoids, and the treatment options pursued by the victims of the hemorrhoid pain. This article should give you some basic guidelines of how long certain kinds of hemorrhoids should last, and which treatments can shorten your suffering time.

When wondering how long does a hemorrhoid last, it is important to accurately diagnose the kind and severity of hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoids will always last longer than external ones, and any kid of thrombosed pile, whether internal or external will take longer as thrombosed hemorrhoids damage the tissue of the veins more.

Another way to help you know how long for hemorrhoids to heal is to consider the size of the hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectal region. If these veins are extremely large, then as they start to heal, a larger vein will take more time to drain and regulate size than a smaller vein, or a less swollen vein.

How long does a hemorrhoid last? Another facet that will change the recovery time for piles and hemorrhoids are the treatment options you choose to employ. Subtle and natural changes like diet and exercise are usually the more longer lasting hemorrhoid treatment options, but they can take a little more time to eradicate the problem at the onset.

Using prescription medications like ointments, suppositories or pills will have fast effects. When the natural and the prescription treatments for hemorrhoids are used in tandem, then the question of how long does hemorrhoids last will have a much shorter time frame in answer.

Another indicator that can be a good gage to you of how long for hemorrhoids to heal will be your own personal history. If you have suffered from hemorrhoids before, then you will be able to know how long your particular forms of hemorrhoids respond to your favored forms of treatment. It is maybe ironic to hear, but many times the person best able to answer how long do piles last, will be the patient of the piles rather than the doctor of the piles.

So, how long does it take for hemorrhoids to heal? We just don’t know. Generally less severe hemorrhoids will last only a few days to a week after you choose your treatment option.

It may be frustrating to hear such a vague answer in response to the question of how long do hemorrhoids take to heal, but unfortunately, that is the best we can do here. Hemorrhoids just are not created equally, so there is no good one size fits all treatment plan that can definitively answer to how long does a hemroid last. You will just have to trust your doctor and your past experience to help you answer this for yourself.

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