You would be surprised how often this question gets asked. I suppose it makes some sense if you consider how scary piles and hemorrhoids can look and feel.

The answer is that while some chronic and serious cases of hemorrhoids will require some form of surgical treatment, there are MANY non-surgical hemorrhoids treatment options.

In fact, most doctors will demand that some of these non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments be attempted before resorting to surgical hemorrhoids treatments. This article will list just a few of the different non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments available to you.

Over the Counter Medications for Hemorrhoids
Ointments and Creams: There are lots of hemorrhoids ointments and creams on the market. Some of these are Preparation H, Neosporin, Tucks, and more. These creams and ointments are very popular non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments because they address all three of the common complaints of hemorrhoids sufferers: 1) Pain, 2) Swelling, and 3) Itching.
Fiber Supplements: More often than not, hemorrhoids are caused by constipation. Taking a fiber supplement like Metamucil, Benefiber, or Fiber One can get your digestion moving and break up that hardened stool that is putting pressure on your dilated hemorrhoids veins.
Stoll Softeners: Stool softeners like Dulcolax, Phillips, or even Gas X can break up the hardened and difficult to move excrement that is keeping you backed up. All that backed up digestion causes pressure on your anal area and the swollen hemorrhoids veins. Softening the stool can be a huge leap in the right direction of hemorrhoids relief, and it doesn’t require surgery of any kind.
Herbal Remedies for Hemorrhoids
Natural Laxatives: Laxatives are a good method to move along digestion and clear up the pressure in the rectal region. Some popular herbal laxatives are coconut water, tropical fruits like mangoes and berries, and foods with high fiber content like vegetables.
Herbal Teas: Teas in herbal form like chamomile, raspberry, rose and jasmine can help with hemorrhoids through many different mediums. They relax your body, move along digestion, soothe the rectal skin, and reduce the amount of gas in the system.
Topical Treatments: There are many herbs that can be made into topical treatments for hemorrhoids like psyllium seeds, Aloe Vera, Butcher’s broom, witch hazel, and mango seeds. To ensure you use these herbal topical treatments correctly, talk to a doctor or a pharmacist to get proper instructions.
In the end, there are many more non-surgical methods for treating hemorrhoids. Almost every victim of hemorrhoids will be able to avoid going under the knife if they can find the right non-surgical treatment for them. Talk to your doctor and do some research to find what hemorrhoids treatment will work best for you and your personal situation in the sitting place.

Keep in mind that this article has not even scratched the surface of all the non-surgical treatment options for hemorrhoids out there. If you are looking to avoid hemorrhoids surgery, your chances of success are high!