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Is There a Non Surgical Treatment for Hemorrhoids?

It is a little surprising how often we get this question. It shows us that extreme measures of medicine have really been overly advertised in the society lately. The answer is yes. Yes there are non surgical treatments for hemorrhoids. In fact, before the surgical options for treating hemorrhoids should be even considered, you should really give two or more of these non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments.

Lifestyle Changes
The great part of the non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments that involve lifestyle treatments are that not only are they effective, but that they do not cost a lot of money. Here are some of the simple lifestyle changes you can make to cure hemorrhoids:

Be More Active: An active lifestyle begets an active digestive system which begets a lesser chance of incurring hemorrhoids.
Stay Hydrated: Water. Drink more water. Drinking water will help you shed the toxins that can get you all backed up down there which can cause even more hemorrhoids problems down there. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, the best hemorrhoids cure could be nothing short of drinking more water.
Avoid Trigger Foods: There are certain foods that can cause hemorrhoids or even complicate current hemorrhoids. Some of these foods are caffeine, greasy foods, and starchy foods like potatoes.
Reducing Stress: Stress can mess with every part of your life, including your digestion. Keeping your potty time regular can reduce your problems with hemorrhoids, and getting rid of the unnecessary stressors in your life can be a big step in the right direction on that front.
Topical Treatments
For hemorrhoids that have caused the external problems like swelling, bleeding and itching, a good ointment can really help. The best hemorrhoids ointments will depend on each person individually.

You will need to decide if your current bottom situation needs a simple salve, or a medicated ointment. Ask your pharmacist to recommend something if you can’t find one that you feel comfortable with. It may seem simple, but topical treatments like hemorrhoids creams can be a very effective non surgical hemorrhoids treatment.

Natural Home Treatments
There are lots of natural home treatments for curing hemorrhoids. This article will give you a simple overview of some of these non surgical hemorrhoids treatments, but there are other articles on this site that will give you a more detailed synopsis of the natural home hemorrhoids remedies and more in depth instructions on how to use them.

Herbal Teas: Herbal teas can soothe the body and they can work as gentle diuretics. It all goes back to that digestion.
Natural Laxatives: Many natural substances can work as laxatives. Some of the most popular are coconut water, papaya smoothies, and other high in fiber supplements. Natural laxatives can create a digestive environment that can quickly reduce hemorrhoids and prevent future hemorrhoids.
Psyllium Seeds: Crushing these special herbs and using them as teas or as a powder treatment for the external symptoms of hemorrhoids.
There are many other non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments. This site has many product reviews that can help you find the best hemorrhoids treatments for you to try in your particular situation.

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