It seems like more applications are being found for lasers in the medical community every day. One of the best uses for laser treatment we have seen are the new laser treatments for hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids laser surgery has become the most highly requested hemorrhoids surgery because of its lack of invasiveness, and its quick recovery time. However, it can be intimidating thinking of a laser beam working on your down there place. For your comfort, here is some information about what laser surgery hemorrhoids procedures entail.

Used on Large Hemorrhoids
If your hemorrhoids feel larger than life and have been resistant to other methods of treatment, then laser surgery for hemorrhoids may be exactly what you need. Other hemorrhoids surgeries are more effective on smaller hemorrhoids, or can lead to longer recovery time after the surgery. Not so with hemorrhoids laser surgery. The bigger the hemorrhoid, the bigger the target to be vaporized.

Short Recovery Time
After your hemorrhoids laser surgery, you will want to stay off your feet (and your bum) for about 3 days. After that, you should be healed up and ready to go on with your life sans hemorrhoids. The wound will be small, and will heal up almost immediately because of the laser cauterizing effects on your skin.

Minimal Damage to Surrounding Tissues
With regular hemorrhoids surgeries, there is a lot of swelling and bleeding of the tissues around the hemorrhoid. This does not happen with laser surgery hemorrhoids procedures.

The laser pinpoints to hemorrhoid, and affects only that area of your body. The tissue around the hemorrhoid is left intact which leaves no additional bleeding or swelling. This is why the recovery time is so much shorter than what you find with other hemorrhoids surgeries.

Lower Cost
Laser surgery for hemorrhoids used to cost more than the other surgical options, but as more insurance companies are offering to provide coverage for these procedures, the cost is going down dramatically. If you have an insurance plan that covers this procedure, than we suggest you seriously look into it.

If you insurance plan does not cover laser surgery for hemorrhoids, then ask your doctor to give them a call. There is a good chance that he will be able to get them to make an exception as the cost to them will be lower with this procedure than with other hemorrhoids surgical options.

Basically, what you can infer from this article is that laser surgery hemorrhoids can cost less than other hemorrhoids surgeries, has a shorter recovery time, and adds less damage to your body than those other hemorrhoids surgical options. While there are risks involved, as with any surgical procedure, these risks are far lower than with many other surgeries.

Some of these procedures do not even require anesthesia, which means it is an in and out happening. No overnight stay, no hazy moments of anesthesia, no extra and unnecessary billing of your insurance. Hemorrhoids laser surgery may not be the answer for everyone, but it could very well be the answer for you – so do some research and talk to your doctor.