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Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

This topic of natural hemorrhoid remedies is one of my favorite to research for this site. Natural treatment of hemorrhoids is something that is getting a lot of exposure at this time, and that is for a good reason.

These natural hemorrhoid cures are said to be less expensive, faster acting, and more gentle on the body than the more invasive treatment options used by doctors like hemorrhoids surgeries and suppositories. Here is a list of some of the most widely used hemorrhoids natural remedies:

Fiber: Yes, fruits and vegetables. These common sources of fiber are natural hemorrhoids cures that can alleviate the problem of solid bowel movements that are often a huge factor in hemorrhoids.
Witch Hazel: This is one of the best natural remedies hemorrhoids because it can be used externally to reduce the pain of external hemorrhoids and can even staunch the rectal bleeding there.
Citrus Fruits: Fill your diet with citrus fruits, and you will be able to harness the power of bioflavonoids. Citrus fruits will strengthen the blood vessels that cause hemorrhoids and will keep them from dilating again. That is why citrus fruits are seen as one of the best natural hemorrhoid remedy.
Horse Chestnut: This herb is a good natural treatment for piles as it increases circulation. This increased circulation pushes the pooled blood through the veins and lessens the swelling associated with piles. Horse chestnut should be taken as a tea for the best results.
Coconut Water: Coconut water is a natural laxative, making it one of the ideal natural remedies for piles. This will increase your regularity, which will reduce the strain of constipation which is a common factor for hemorrhoids.
Dry Figs and Prunes: These are more natural diuretics, but unlike some of the others on this list, are yummy when prepared right. This piles natural remedy works rather quickly.
Mango Seeds: This natural hemorrhoid remedy is one of the best ways to treat bleeding piles. It can staunch the bleeding in a fast but natural way. The seeds should be dried and powdered and can be taken with honey to sweeten it and help it go down.
Boiled Sesame Seeds: Another natural treatment of hemorrhoids is to boil sesame seeds and then drink them with the water like a tea. This will be rather tasteless, but this natural piles remedy is very gentle.
Radish Paste: Making a paste of radishes and milk can reduce the swelling, pain, and itching of piles when placed on as an ointment. That is the trifecta of natural hemorrhoid cures in my book as it covers all three of the main complaints of piles suffering.
There are many other natural remedies for hemorrhoids. These are just some of the most common used hemorrhoid natural remedies that we have tried. They are all effective and gentle and can be used daily to not only naturally treat piles, but prevent them from returning.

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