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Natural ways to cure of hemorrhoids

While there is nothing alarming about the hemorrhoids condition, it is so irritating that everyone would want to possibly prevent it and in worst cases expedite the treatment. The happy news about this condition is that it easily curable using natural methods.

Hazel, one of the common kitchen ingredients, could be refrigerated and use with a cotton to anoint the swelling. External hemorrhoids are best treated in this way. Application of this hazel two to three times a day is advised. Ice packs could be used to reduce the swelling due to hemorrhoids. Aloe Vera which is one of the herbal remedies renowned for its excellent medicinal values could be used to cure the condition by direct application.

Dietary prescriptions include consumption of loads of vegetables and fruits. Increased fiber intake would reduce constipation and thus the pain. Smoother bowel movements will help to reduce the pain and discomfort caused. On the other hand, laxatives which could cause liquid stool might result in infectious excreta, which could further worsen the condition of the hemorrhoids. Fiber intake should always go hand in hand with copious water intake. Further citrus fruit juices would help in developing stronger blood vessels. Lactic acid, alcohols and coffee are some of the comestibles that you might want to keep your hands off.

Doing regular exercises might help reduce the swelling of the hemorrhoid. But some of the strenuous ones might be demanding and would cause more pain and discomfort. Cycling is often one sort of exercise that most people prefer, but one must be wary in choosing the cycle such as the proportions of the cycle fit you.
External hemorrhoids are much easier to deal with. There are hundreds of baths and creams that could be used to relieve the pain and sensations of itching along with reducing the swelling. Cushions are made to convenience the condition.

While there are some clinical and surgical procedures to ease and reduce the condition, they might not be very painless. Further they are venturesome and expensive too. If the condition is not too advanced you might want to try out the natural therapy. Either way it is advisable to consult a doctor before jumping to any conclusion.

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