While there are many serious and harsh treatments available for victims of hemorrhoids, there are many over the counter hemorrhoid treatments to try before resorting to such extreme measures.

OTC hemorrhoids treatments are good to look into as they are more gentle, can be used in the privacy of your own home, and cost less than any treatment you would have to see a doctor for. Here are some of the most commonly utilized over the counter hemorrhoids treatments:

Preparation H- As this is the most widely known brand of hemorrhoid relief, it has been hailed as the best over the counter hemorrhoid treatment. It comes in a few different forms, and serves as an ointment and a protective barrier all in one.
Suppositories- While nobody wants to experience a suppository experience, you have to consider that it would be better to use one of these otc hemorrhoid treatments rather than having a nice stranger dis-impact your bowel for you.
Pain Relievers- Any over the counter pain relief will help reduce the pain of hemorrhoids, but the best ones to consider are ones that have blood thinners (aspirin, acetaminophen) or muscle relaxants (ibuprofen, naproxen). These will not only reduce the pain, but will help relieve some of the other symptoms of your hemorrhoids as well.
Stool Softeners- Since most hemorrhoids are caused or made more severe through hard stool and backed up bowels, taking a mild stool softener can be the best otc hemorrhoid treatment for you.
Fiber Supplements- Adding fiber to your diet can increase your bowel movements and clear out any obstructions you may have. Using dietary fiber supplements like Benefiber or Metamucil can be very effective and cost efficient. Fiber supplements are the best otc hemorrhoid treatment for those who feel that a hemorrhoid is starting and want to nip it in the butt (pun totally intended!) while they still can.
Numbing Creams- Getting your digestion moving is all well and good, but your dilated hemorrhoid veins are still going to hurt like crazy until they reduce themselves. Using a numbing cream on the affected area can really help reduce the pain there.
Barriers- Keeping the swelling of hemorrhoids down is important, but the itching and the bleeding are also important to keep in check. Over the counter hemorrhoid medications that serve as barriers are good as they protect from bleeding and tearing.
When it comes to hemorrhoids, there are so many different stages and symptoms, and so many different surfaces to consider, that there just is not a one-size-fits-all treatment for hemorrhoids.

The best over the counter hemorrhoid treatment for you will be the one that fits in your budget, is easy to use, and cures the major symptoms you are experiencing. This is a personal thing and changes from person to person, so take into account what your needs are, and find the best otc hemorrhoid treatment for you.