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Piles and hemorrhoids are a veritable plague among adults in this day and age. More than fifty percent of the population will suffer from the pains and frustration associated with piles.

Fortunately, the bright spot in piles suffering is that many different treatments and cures are known to help reduce the pain associated with piles. Here is a list of just some of the many sources of curing piles.

Professional Treatment Plans: Because of the wide-spread need for piles and hemorrhoids treatments, a number of pharmaceutical companies have gone to work to create treatment methods that can reduce the pain and severity of hemorrhoids. Some of these are Venapro, Avatrol, and other such medications. Looking at the sites and testimonials for these products as well as speaking to your doctor can help you know if one of these medications is the right route for your hemorrhoids treatments.
Sitz Baths: Yes- go and take a bath. Enjoying a nice soak in a warm bath fortified with sitz minerals can reduce the swelling of hemorrhoid veins, and also take away the pain associated with these anal injuries.
Creams and Ointments: There are many ointments and creams on the market directed at healing the body of piles and hemorrhoids. Some of these creams are simple barriers while others include anti-inflammatory elements and other even include numbing chemicals to reduce the pain of hemorrhoids and piles. Speak to fellow hemorrhoid sufferers and pharmacists to know which is the best for you.
Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is a supplement that has been around for ages and is used to cure many different maladies. By placing a small amount of witch hazel to the affected area of hemorrhoids, the swelling and pain can be reduced and can stop any piles bleeding almost immediately.
Get Cold: Just like any other inflamed and swollen area, cold water, ice packs, or cool damp towels can be a good hemorrhoid cure that is simple to come by, and gentle in application. Cooling down any topical treatment you choose to use such as creams, ointments, witch hazel, or chamomile can help the application be more soothing.
Diet and Exercise: Hemorrhoids and piles are just one more reason to stick to your new year’s resolution to lose those extra pounds. Obesity is a huge correlating factor in piles cases. Keeping extra weight off can help you remain piles free after the initial piles have been cured.
Avoid Trigger Foods: Some foods and drinks have been connected to piles occurrences. Avoidance of these items can help in preventing and ridding your body of hemorrhoids. These foods include, but are not limited to coffee, beer, caffeine, strong spices and chilies, colas, and carbonation.
Many of these hemorrhoid cures can and should be combined. Some of these piles remedies are not taken seriously because of their simplicity, but in the end, hemorrhoids are simple problems, and those kinds of injuries generally need only simple remedies.

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