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Pregnancy Hemorrhoids – Finding Relief When Pregnant With Hemorrhoids

Pregnant women can get hemorrhoids at some point of time during their pregnancy. It is common for them. Hemorrhoids are swollen vein and this happens in the anal area. It causes itchiness and pain. It may also cause bleeding.

Pregnant women are open to the hemorrhoids because of the extra strain and they gain weight. The hemorrhoid is positive during the second trimester because of the push.

Hemorrhoids Are A Common Occurrence During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy because of the increased pressure and added weight. Usually they don’t appear until later in the pregnancy when the baby is pushing internal organs around and placing pressure on the bladder and rectum. This pressure will cause blood flow to slow down and create pressure within the veins causing them to swell and bulge. There is pressure on the woman because of the baby and there may be harder bowel actions which lead to hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Relief during Pregnancy

There is sickness during pregnancy. There are also many emotional stress and strain. So they are open to hemorrhoid. As soon as they deliver the child the pregnant women becomes normal. This is because the stress goes away after they give birth to the child. But the pregnant women need some relief from the hemorrhoid. It is important to choose a proper medication without hurting the baby inside. So we can have natural remedies to safeguard the unborn baby.

Apply Ice Packs

A pregnant woman can place a cold ice pack in the affected place. This will help in soothing the pain and the itch. It also reduces the swell.

Soak In a Sitz Bath

You can sit in warm water with the affected area fully inside the water. It should be done for 15 minutes which will cause them betterment. It is important to do it thrice a day. Then dry the place with a towel that is soft. Don’t allow any moisture because it will irritate and itch.

Apply Aloe Vera Cream

Apply Aloe Vera which is a natural treatment. Apply it directly in the affected area. This will reduce the pain and causes the cooling sensation.

Clean After Bowel Movements

This is one of the best ways. It will cause no pain and it will keep the area clean and safe from irritation. So it is important to clean after the bowel actions.

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