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If you have had any troubles with bothersome hemorrhoids (which at least half of the adult American population will suffer from at some point), then chances are you have heard of Preparation H on more than one occasion.

So, what is Preparation H? Preparation H is one of the leading brands of hemorrhoid treatments. The popularity of Preparation H mainly stems from the fact that all of their products can be purchased from your local grocery store or pharmacy, and they can all be used from the privacy of your own home. Here are some of the most popular Preparation H products, and what they are used for.

Original Preparation H
The original Preparation H product is a greasy ointment that comes in a tall tube. Preparation H uses are mostly for painful hemorrhoids and anal blisters. It works as a barrier and soothes the stinging that comes from external thrombosed hemorrhoids.

This is a product that has been around since your grandparents first started needing something to solve their bum bleeding and swelling. That longevity is saying something for sure!

Preparation H Cream
This substance comes in a smaller tube, and is much creamier that is greasier counterpart. It is gentler and easier to apply. It calms the stinging and swelling of internal and external hemorrhoids, but is not as much of a wetness barrier as the original Preparation H.

Some varieties of Preparation H cream even have a numbing effect that can provide long lasting, and more than welcome relief to what ails you in the down there region.

Preparation H Suppositories
Preparation H suppositories are a gentle and easy way to induce bowel movements. By doing this, you will greatly decrease the constipation that is a huge contributing factor to most cases of hemorrhoids.

Preparation H Suppositories can generally be found in the same aisle as all the other Preparation H products. If you do not see Preparation H at your local pharmacy, then ask the pharmacist if they carry it behind the counter. A good suppository like Preparation H Suppositories can be a huge step towards ending the pain in your sitting place brought on by hemorrhoids.

Does Preparation H Work?
As a fellow victim of hemorrhoids, I can honestly say that for me in my personal case, Preparation H does indeed work. Preparation H uses include reducing the swelling, itching, and pain that accompany hemorrhoids.

This makes it the tri-fecta of relief for hemorrhoid suffering.

Aside from my personal review stating that Preparation H works, you might also consider that fact that Preparation H has been on the market for a long time and is a company that has found continues success even during hard times in the economy.

Preparation H has stood up to other competing products, and is still what most doctors suggest to their patients in need of hemorrhoid relief. The fact that it has added new products to their already successful line of hemorrhoid relief products is another proof of its effectiveness.

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