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Preventative Treatments for Hemorrhoids

It is true that more than half of the adult population will experience problems from hemorrhoids or piles at some point in their life. If you are hoping to not be one of these victims of hemorrhoids, or if you have already experienced the pain of hemorrhoids and are simply hoping to never repeat said experience, then there are some great preventative treatments for hemorrhoids that can be used to keep hemorrhoids and piles at bay.

Medicine for Hemorrhoids
There are some great prescriptions, herbal remedies, and other medicine for hemorrhoids conditions out there. The herbal remedies can be found in any whole foods store and even in most pharmacies. The prescription medicine for hemorrhoids requires a visit with your doctor. Generally these prescription medicine for hemorrhoids are given to people who have had recurring problems from piles and have a weakened rectum.

Talk to your doctor to find which is the best medicine for hemorrhoids in your specific situation. The best medication for piles in your situation may not be the same as for everyone else.

Food for Piles
In pretty much every case of hemorrhoids or piles, one of the contributing factors of the piles is a diet low in fiber. Supplementing your diet with high fiber materials can help you to avoid future problems with piles. Eating foods for piles can even help existing hemorrhoids to disappear. Here is a list of some of the best food for piles prevention:

Bananas: Aside from fiber, bananas are a good source of potassium.
Green vegetables- i.e. broccoli, green beans, peas, lettuce: These green vegetables are some of the best foods for piles because they include protein and vitamin D.
Supplemented Dairy Products: There are some great cottage cheese and yogurt brands on the market today that are enhanced in a way that incites regularity of bowel movements. This regularity is a huge preventative treatment for hemorrhoids.
Exercises for Hemorrhoids
Yes, I know. This is annoying. Yet another article stating that all your woes can be treated with proper diet and exercise. The repetition is there for a reason. Staying active in your movement and your life style will help your body process all that nice high in fiber food you have been eating. Activity increases regularity which increases your likelihood of preventing hemorrhoids.

There are some specific hemorrhoids exercises, but in general the squats and stretches that are considered exercises for hemorrhoids are part of most any healthy exercise program. In short, just get out there and get moving!

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