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Smoking and Hemorrhoids

If you have done any amount of research on how to treat hemorrhoids, then you have likely been advised in most of those articles to stop smoking. This comes as a shock to most who can’t possibly see the connection between smoking a cigarette and making hemorrhoids worse.

It is true, though. Smoking and hemorrhoids are as connected as alcohol and liver disease! (Actually, alcohol is another thing that can agitate hemorrhoids, but that is another article all together…)

So why? Why are smoking and hemorrhoids related? Well, here are just a few of the reasons that smoking and hemorrhoids tend to be natural companions:

Nicotine is a Poison: You put poison in your body, you will damage it. That damage can be spread all over from your teeth, to your esophagus, to your lungs, and even to your bum hole. Even if the most directly related problem from smoking is a disease entirely separate from your sitting place, it makes sense that if you body is working so hard to protect itself from an ingested poison like tobacco, then it is not working to keep its anal veins strong and unrestricted.
Smoking Ages Your Skin: Hemorrhoids occur when the skin around your anus weakens so much that the dilated veins are no longer protected in that region. Smoking weakens your skin cells, which can lead to more hemorrhoids.
Tobacco Harms You Immune System: While hemorrhoids are not something you can catch, a weak immune system can lead to hemorrhoids as many other diseases you do catch tend to affect your digestion, and thus, your rectum in the end. Being constantly sick and weak due to a nicotine addiction can greatly increase the time you spend battling hemorrhoids.
Smoking Clogs up Your Digestion: Smoking and hemorrhoids are connected because smoking and constipation are connected. Constipation causes hemorrhoids. Smoking causes constipation. Ergo- Smoking causes hemorrhoids.
Nicotine is an Appetite Suppressant: You don’t eat as much or as well when you are smoking. A poor diet can lead to digestion problems like diarrhea or hardened stool. Each of these things can lead directly to hemorrhoids.
Smokers do not Exercise Regularly: Since smoking makes it hard for people to physically exert themselves, they tend to spend more of their time sitting. As exercise is one of the keep elements to avoiding hemorrhoids, it would make sense that the often idle lifestyle of smokers can make the body more susceptible to hemorrhoids.
So, there you have it. Just some of the ways that smoking and hemorrhoids are connected. The truth is, that there are many other benefits aside from ending hemorrhoids that can come from quitting smoking.

Smoking is a terrible habit that will destroy not just your body, but all of the people around you. If you are looking for a good reason to quit smoking, then consider the idea that smoking and hemorrhoids are good little buddies, and by getting rid of your tobacco habit, you could get rid of your bleeding bum.

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