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Some Answers to Your Questions about Hemorrhoid Operations

Recently, we have received quite a few questions concerning hemorrhoid operation procedures and other items pertaining to hemorrhoid operations.

There has been enough questions from enough readers that we have decided to publish here a full article answering these questions about hemorrhoid operations instead of sending individual responses as it seems to be something many people would like more information about.

How Much Does a Hemorrhoid Operation Cost?
Clearly, this will depend on many different factors of your personal situation. It will depend on where you live, how old you are, how severe your hemorrhoid problem is, which hemorrhoid operation you choose, and how much your health insurance is willing to cover for your hemorrhoid operation.

We are not trying to be vague, we just want you to know that our figures are a guesstimate and your actual cost of hemorrhoid surgery will vary.

With Insurance, a Rubber Band Ligation Hemorrhoid Operation will range from $500- $1,000. Without insurance, the operation can cost upwards of $7,000.
With Insurance, Laser Treatments can cost around $600 a visit. Without Insurance those hemorrhoid operations can cost upwards of $1000 a visit.
With Insurance, a Hemorrhoidectomy can cost around $2,000. Without Insurance, this hemorrhoid operation can cost more than $10,000.
With Insurance, a hemorrhoid staple operation can cost around $1,000- usually the full amount of your deductible. Without insurance, this hemorrhoid operation using a staple gun can csot more than $4,000.
Does a Hemorrhoid Operation Require a Catheter?
Not usually. Most hemorrhoid operations are in and out procedures with only local anesthesia. If you have a more complicated case and general anesthesia is needed, then yes, a catheter will be inserted during your hemorrhoid operation.

What Doctor Specialist Does a Hemorrhoid Operation?
A proctologist is a doctor who specializes in the sitting place, so if you are looking for a specialist, a proctologist is your man. However, they are not the only doctors qualified to handle hemorrhoid operations.

General surgeons are more than read to help with and hemorrhoid operations, and dermatological surgeons handle cases like that all the time. Hemorrhoid operations are non-invasive and very simple as far as surgeries go, so there is really little to worry about as far as qualified professionals goes.

What do Expect After Hemorrhoid Operations
Again, what to expect after hemorrhoid operations will vary greatly depending on your age, weight, health, level of activity, threshold of pain, and much more. In general, you will have come lingering pain at the incision point for a few days, which is to be expected.

Your diet should change after the surgery for a few days to make the bowel movements easier on your bum. You will also want to get moving after your hemorrhoid operation. Staying still too long will not allow it to heal as fast. We don’t want you training for a marathon or anything after wards, but some light walking would be good.

We hope we have answered your hemorrhoid operation questions to your satisfaction.

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