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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

People are familiar with internal and external hemorrhoids, but are in the dark on what thrombosed hemorrhoids are. These hemorrhoids are external in nature and may protrude outside the rectum or anus. Trouble begins when the flow of blood towards the rectum and the anal areas become restricted, so the result is that area is full of blood clots. Also, these painful swelling can be easily felt and spotted. They are either soft or hard when touched and a person afflicted with these feel as if they have small growths.

Moreover, these swollen veins are bluish in color because blood does not flow properly to them and they were strangled as well. If these are not treated, then they can become reddish especially when the skin is irritated. Although thrombosed hemorrhoids are not hazardous to one’s health, they can be very painful and the swollen veins will cause the anal areas to become inflamed. Furthermore, there is a possibility that bleeding will occur as well if the blood clot ruptures. This kind of hemorrhoid happens when one sits for a long period of time or if there is too much strain involved when one defecates.

Aside from these, if a man lifts heavy objects, he is susceptible to this kind of hemorrhoid that will bring him so much discomfort. Pregnant women will also feel the pain from these swollen veins during her pregnancy. Treatment for thrombosed hemorrhoids is necessary because the blood clots that are associated with these break up quickly and absorbed again by the human body. A person can be plagued by painful episodes during a four or six week period. The worst thing that could happen is that this particular hemorrhoid will grow larger and will cause more discomfort that surgery is needed.

When blood clots form, a person can have them removed as an outpatient. It is also important that no person should remove thrombosed hemorrhoids by his or her lonesome because this will only result in trauma or severe bleeding. When these hemorrhoids are diagnosed, a patient can choose the best procedure so these swollen veins can be extracted or cut out. Current methods like hemorrhoidectomy will remove these swollen blood vessels sans the additional pain and their possible re-occurrence. To ensure that there is little pain, a patient will need to be injected with anesthesia so that his or her anal areas will be numb while the doctor is cutting out these swollen veins.

Doctors will normally recommend that thrombosed hemorrhoids should be removed by surgery if ever a patient will experience the first symptoms or approximately three days wherein the signs will appear. The recovery time will vary and it will depend on how a person will respond to treatment, but there are also cases that these hemorrhoids will disappear quickly. In conclusion, these hemorrhoids can cause so much discomfort to a person so he or she has to consult with a doctor, who in turn will give the necessary treatment. Surgery will be needed if these swollen veins cause more pain.

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