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Treat Hemorrhoids

While most people will not (and probably should not, when it really comes down to it) discuss the problems they face with their rear end, it is a documented fact that more than half of the adult population will suffer the pains of hemorrhoids at some point in their life.

This means that there is a high demand for information regarding the best treatment options for hemorrhoids- especially for methods for how to treat hemorrhoids at home.

After some research and some personal experience (yes, some of us fall into that unfortunate half of the hemorrhoid afflicted portion of the population), we have compiled this list of the best hemorrhoid treatments around that can allow you to treat hemorrhoids at home.

Hemorrhoid Ointments- there is a VERY high number of hemorrhoid ointments on the market, some of them in prescription form (most of these include a topical narcotic to numb the surface of hemorrhoid affected skin), and some of them are hemorrhoid treatments you can get over the counter. All of them are effective in certain cases, so it is helpful to confer with a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, or some other hemorrhoid expert to know the right brand to ease your personal case of piles.
Sitz Bath- this has to be one of my favorite hemorrhoids home treatments, but I will generally go for anything that instructs me to sit around in a hot tub. This is a simple home remedy for hemorrhoids that involves a bath with some sitz medication that will reduce the swelling of the varicose veins around the anus. This treatment can be done up to once a day, and offers almost immediate relief to the affected area.
High Fiber Diet- this treatment may seem like too simple of an option, but changing your diet to a more healthy arrangement full of fibrous elements can be the fastest way to stop your hemorrhoid pain. If the change to a high-fiber diet is followed religiously, it can be the perfect preventative treatment for future hemorrhoids, which means you could be done dealing with this particular pain in the butt forever. Wouldn’t that be nice? Eat your veggies!
Hemorrhoid Suppositories- this is the one you were probably hoping not to see, but a hemorrhoid suppository can be a quick way to release the stubborn stool that has caused the constipation that has caused the hemorrhoid. If you feel in your gut (did you like that pun?) that constipation is the culprit for your piles, then a suppository may be the key for your hemorrhoids cure.
Anal Lubrication- using petroleum jelly, bag balm, or other rectal lubricants, you can help to protect outer hemorrhoids from further infection and contact with the acidic stuff that things in that area could come in contact with, and can also help stool to pass through the sphincter without causing further harm. This can also speed the healing process of hemorrhoids.
These are the most commonly used home treatments for hemorrhoids. Using a combination of these treatment options- especially anything combined with an altered high fiber diet, you could make your life a place vacant of the problems and pains associated with hemorrhoids.

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