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Treating Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

Having hemorrhoids during pregnancy is something that a lot of people are not aware of, and because of this, a lot of women get surprised when they experience it. Having said this, women should be more informed that experiencing hemorrhoids during pregnancy, most especially during the third trimester, is a common occurrence. Furthermore, if a woman has already experienced it before conceiving a baby, then she is most likely to experience pregnancy hemorrhoids. The good news is that hemorrhoids can be treated while a woman is pregnant, and the different methods for treatment will be enumerated hereafter.

Pregnancy hemorrhoids are very painful most especially in the rectum and anus of a woman; because of this, a woman can religiously soak in hot or warm water a couple of times a day to be able to momentarily relieve the pain. Aside from soaking in warm water, it would also be very helpful for a woman to apply ice on the anus just to be able to stop the swelling.

In addition to the hot and cold methods that were mentioned earlier, women will also be able to treat pregnancy hemorrhoids by cleaning the anus regularly. This can be done by making sure that it is wiped and cleaned properly after defecation; when it comes to the tool that must be used to be able to clean the anus, it would be better to clean moistened wipes. This is the most advisable tool for wiping the anus to prevent it from drying and developing rashes; when it comes to choosing the moistened wipes that will be used, it would be better if the wipes are not scented.

Another really effective advice to be able to relieve the pain one experiences from hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to refrain from sitting for a long period of time. The reason for this is because sitting puts a lot of pressure to the rectum and anus veins; because of this, it is more advisable for people to just lie down or stand up. However, if it is not possible to avoid sitting down, the best thing that a person can do is to take breaks from it to at least relieve the pressure once in a while.

Lastly, a person can also resort to purchasing a medicine that is sold over the counter; when a person chooses to do this, they should also be aware that this medicine does not truly cure the root problem. Just like all the other methods mentioned in this article, this over-the-counter medicine only soothes the pain that a pregnant woman is feeling from having hemorrhoids.

With all of these cures when it comes to pregnancy hemorrhoids, pregnant women should now be able to handle more properly the pain that this condition brings. Even though these methods do not really cure hemorrhoids, the important thing is that the mentioned treatments help women get through their condition more easily, at least within the duration of the pregnancy. And this is already enough, after all, this is the primary reason why people choose to look for treatments that can make them feel better.

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