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What Are the Benefits of Using a Hemorrhoids Cushion?

Why do you need to use a hemorrhoids cushion?
If you don’t already have hemorrhoids you may easily not be aware of what they are. In fact, everyone has hemorrhoids present in their body. They are benign blood vessels or veins which sit in the anal passageway (rectum) and around the anus.

They sit within soft tissue which helps to cushion the anal walls to ease out fecal waste. When these veins become enlarged or inflamed, they are given the name hemorrhoids as the correct medical term for the condition.

Hemorrhoids can occur internally, where they are often painless but can cause pressure and discomfort, or externally where the enlarged blood vessels are quite visible and can cause discomfort when sitting down for long periods of time. When an internal hemorrhoid falls or moves outside of the body, it is called a prolapsed or protruding hemorrhoid.

If you have an external or a prolapsed hemorrhoid and are experiencing pain and/ or discomfort when sitting then you may well wish to consider using a cushion for hemorrhoids.

Sitting down, especially for elongated periods of time, can aggravate existing hemorrhoids and be very painful and uncomfortable. Using a hemorrhoidal cushion can help to alleviate these symptoms and to aid with the healing process.

Hemorrhoidal cushion options
There are a number of different hemorrhoids cushions available today. They come in two main formats – the ring (or donut) cushion, and the “standard” cushion.

“Ring” hemorrhoidal cushion: This type of cushion is also known as an ‘O’ type cushion or a “donut” cushion. As the name suggests, the cushion itself resembles a donut, or a child’s small inflatable swimming ring, being that it has the middle “missing”. This type of cushion is perfect for relieving immediate pressure on the hemorrhoid and helping to cushion hemorrhoids and thus makes sitting down much more bearable and comfortable.
“Standard” hemorrhoidal cushion: A standard cushion is similar to the ring cushion, but without the hole in the middle. It is a good option if you are just in need of a slightly softer and more comfortable seating option. Also, if you need a cushion at work, this one is a little more discrete than the ring cushion as it can simply be explained away as a comfort cushion to help with posture.
You can use either of these cushions on your usual chair at home, at work or on your car seat. Also, they often come in a handy bag making them very portable and convenient.

The cushions are made from materials such as an inflatable heavy-duty rubber or vinyl, and foam with a covering material. Most cushions are washable and flame-retardant. Prices for hemorrhoidal cushions vary from around US$8 to around $50 or more, depending on the style and quality of cushion you think is best suited to your needs.

Symptom relief
Using a hemorrhoid cushion is a sensible option to help in relieving some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids including pain, discomfort and inflammation.

Usually, you will only need to use the cushion on a temporary basis until your hemorrhoids have gone or the symptoms have eased off. If however, your symptoms seem to be lasting for a long time, then go back to your doctor for advice on further treatment and symptom alleviation.

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