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What Causes Hemorrhoids – 5 Causes That Triggers Hemorrhoids to Swell


In our daily activities, we are unaware of the things that might trigger hemorrhoids to swell. We do not know that even our simple movements affect it. And worst, we do not know we have hemorrhoids until we see and feel the symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are common to many people especially those who are prone to constipation, pregnant women, and those who have liver cancer. These patients may not be aware that they have a hemorrhoid that’s why it is vital to read this article in order to know what might be the cause of these hemorrhoid formations.

The most common cause that can be attributed to hemorrhoid formation is constipation. Because of the pressure you exert during your bowel movement, hemorrhoid swells up. And when it already swelled up, you’ll feel some burning sensation in your anus. Some may also experience itchiness when the hemorrhoid has inflamed. But the most critical symptom, that is caused when the internal haemorrhoid swells, you will experience painless bleeding. Of course it is not normal to bleed during bowel movements.

Another factor that would trigger the formation of swollen hemorrhoid is pregnancy. As pregnant women produced so much blood during the pregnancy period, it is possible for her to have haemorrhoid as there will be again pressure on the blood veins. And as said earlier, when there is too much exertion of pressure, the veins will enlarge allowing these hemorrhoids to develop. Plus, during the delivery, a pregnant woman will again put pressure to push the baby.

Bodybuilders too can develop haemorrhoid since they carry heavy objects. And even those who are not bodybuilders can have hemorrhoids. When you carry heavy objects, you will increase pressure particularly in the lower back area to lift the objects, which then causes the veins in the lower back and rectal area to work harder.

But don’t you know that your diet affects the formation of hemorrhoids in the body? With the kind of lifestyle people has today wherein there are various unhealthy food intake, it’s not impossible for one to be prone to constipation which is again a factor for hemorrhoids to swell up.
Knowing the real root of hemorrhoid is still uncertain. But knowing the facts mentioned above will help you prevent hemorrhoid formation. There are various ways that hemorrhoids can be prevented and be cured if you are already suffering from it. The next step for you would then be to visit a doctor or find treatments in the internet.

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