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What Causes Hemorrhoids?

We are glad to see questions like this because it means that the hemorrhoids sufferer is not only look to treat their hemorrhoids, but to find a way to get rid of them once and for all by solving the root of the problem- mild pun intended.

What causes “hemroids”? Lots of things can cause hemorrhoids, but in most cases there is one or two major items that start the trouble. As you read over this list of items of what causes hemorrhoids, you should consider whether or not this is part of your hemorrhoids problem.

If so, you will next need to identify whether each cause is the primary cause of your hemroids, or simply a contributing factor. What causes hemorrhoids? All of these things can cause hemorrhoids:

Poor Diet: Mainly this means a lack of fiber. Fiber is what keeps your digestion regular and consistent. A lack of fiber can cause things in your system to back up and put pressure on your bowels. It also leads to harder stool, which can cause other problems. The best items to add to your diet if you think this is the main problem of what causes hemorrhoids for you are these:
Green vegetables like green beans, asparagus, brussel sprouts and broccoli.
Fruits- any fruits are good, but the less citrus fruits are best to help with what causes hemroids as they are more gentle on the system.
Whole grains- take a break from white bread and stick to whole grains and oats for a bit.
Constipation: This can be caused by lack of fiber, but also by other things like stress, lack of exercise, or a bowel blockage. If you think this is what causes hemroids for you, then it can be treated with stool softeners, laxatives, or a modified diet full of fiber.
Pregnancy: It seems unfair that women who are already dealing with the added weight of a baby, hormones, nausea and heartburn should also have to deal with hemorrhoids, but that is just the way it is. The pressure of the fetus and cause the veins in your anus to dilate and swell, thus producing hemorrhoids. The best way to handle things if pregnancy is what causes hemorrhoids for you is to stay of your feet, drink lots of water, and spend as little time on the toilet as possible. Don’t sit and strain yourself- simply wait until the stool is ready to pass all at once. This will fee uncomfortable, but pushing too hard to get stubborn feces out will only lead to more trouble.
Heavy Lifting: Think of this like a hernia risk, only for your bum. If your job involves a lot of heavy lifting, this might be what causes hemroids for your. Our suggestion is to space out the lifting if you can, take multiple lighter loads when possible, and make sure you use proper lifting technique to avoid undue stress on your nether regions.
Diarrhea:Passing too much loose stool too fast can also cause hemorrhoids. If you have been experiencing diarrhea and you think this might be what causes hemorrhoids for you, then here are some things you can do to possibly resolve the problem:
Change your diet- take out things that cause the runs, and add some roughage to make more sold stool.
Drink lots of water- if you have diarrhea, then chances are you are dehydrated. While drinking water may not help with the diarrhea itself, It can very much help with the other problems that come with diarrhea.
Take a fiber supplement like benefiber or Citrucel. This is usually meant to help with constipation, but it can lead to the correct balance your body and your stool needs. A good balance in your digestive system can really help you on more areas then just hemorrhoids.
Check for viral infections- sometimes infections like the flu can cause diarrhea in some where others exhibit vomiting. If you are suffering from a flu-like virus, then you will have an idea of when the diarrhea will end, and when you can expect to see improvement in what causes hemroids.
Old Age: Sometimes the golden age is less than thrilling. The weakened skin and muscle tissue that comes with old age can lead to hemorrhoids. If you think what causes hemorrhoids for you is simply your old age, then you will want to make an appointment with your doctor to see what he suggests for you. There are some prescriptions that can help tighten and strengthen the lining of your veins to help avoid hemorrhoids. There will also probably be some dietary restrictions placed on you maybe temporarily to try and resolve the problems you have.
Lack of Exercise: Not moving enough can cause things in your body to get backed up and can weaken the tissues in your body. It can also put undue pressure on your rectal region if most of your time is spent in a seated or supine position. If you think this is what causes hemroids for you, then some changes in your level of activity can make a huge difference. Find some ways to walk more. Take the stairs. Park farther away from your office or the stores. Take a walk around the block. Usually you won’t need drastic changes- just enough to get your body moving more and allowing your system to regain the strength and regularity you need.
Identifying what causes hemorrhoids for you can be a huge step towards not having to deal with the dreaded bleeding bum anymore. If none of the items on this list seem like what is causing your hemorrhoid problem, then you might want to do a little more research, and then head to the doctor to get some testing done.

If more than one item on this list applies to you, then you need to figure out which if these is the main problem of what causes “hemroids” for you, and work on solving it.

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