What does a hemorrhoid look like? That is a very good question. Unfortunately, there is not one big answer to give to this question of what do hemorrhoids look like. That is because there are different kinds of hemorrhoids, and different levels of intensity for each kind of hemorrhoid.

There are also different kinds of bums, and different factors that come into play in describing what a hemorrhoid looks like. So, the real question here should be what do the different types of hemorrhoids look like? Well, my sore bottomed friend, you have come to the right place for the answer to that very question.

What do External Hemorrhoids Look Like?
External hemorrhoids are some of the more serious kinds of hemorrhoids, and they can appear in different varieties. Here are some of the main descriptions that are commonly used to answer the question of what do external hemorrhoids look like?

Swollen red bulges
Snake like veins
Bubbly material excreting from the anus
Blue or black lines bulging along the rectum
Bruise like spots near the anus
Bleeding spots along swollen lumps near the anus
Lumps of fatty looking material
Now that you have a better idea of what external hemorrhoids look like, you can better decide if that is really what you are suffering from. Keep in mind that victims of external hemorrhoids will rarely suffer from all of these conditions- but all of these symptoms have been connected to external hemorrhoids.

What do Internal Hemorrhoids Look Like?
Internal hemorrhoids are harder to distinguish visually because, as the name suggests, they occur internally. There are some physical features that can be noticed, though, and spotting these signs can help you get the hemorrhoids treatment you need for them. Here are some common physical features and symptoms of internal hemorrhoids:

They are similar to varicose veins
Dark spidery looking veins on your bum
Small lumps along the anus that are flesh colored
Redness and swelling just around the anus
If you can get a look into your sphincter, internal hemorrhoids will look like little polyps along the canal
As you can see, these visual cues for internal hemorrhoids are much more subtle. If you want to identify internal hemorrhoids, your best bet is to look more for other symptoms aside from the physical and visual signs.

There are some other kinds of hemorrhoids, but all hemorrhoids fall into the category of either internal hemorrhoid or external hemorrhoid, so these two lists are fairly comprehensive.

If you are wondering what do the different types of hemorrhoids look like, then you will want to look into more detailed articles about thrombosed hemorrhoids or prolapsed hemorrhoids, or any other more detailed description of the kinds of hemorrhoids we have not listed in detail here in this article. Just know that hemorrhoids are very common, and if you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from one, there are many treatment options available to you because of the commonality of this condition.