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What is the Link between Constipation and Hemorrhoids?

What are constipation and hemorrhoids?
There is a distinct correlation between the instances of constipation and hemorrhoids. Before we take a look into this, let’s find out exactly what constipation and hemorrhoids are.

Constipation is defined as either:

Not being able to empty out your bowels completely
Having to strain when passing stools
Not having a bowel movement as regularly as you usually do
Chronic constipation, as the name suggests, means that the person is suffering from constipation on a long-term or on a recurring basis.

Hemorrhoids (or piles as they are also more commonly known) are the blood vessels which sit within your rectum (anal passageway) and around your anus (the opening out of which stools pass out from the body). Hemorrhoids are harmless in their normal state, however if they become enlarged with too much blood, they can cause pain, discomfort and even bleeding, leading them to be known as the condition hemorrhoids.

The link between hemorrhoids and constipation
Not being able to pass stools smoothly, efficiently and regularly means that fecal matter can harden and build up in the rectum, leading to a build up of pressure on the anal blood vessels and tissue. This pressure can force excess blood through the vessels causing them to enlarge and create hemorrhoids.

When fecal matter is not soft, it makes it harder to pass stools and so you often need to strain in order to try to excrete them from the body. Excessive straining also puts pressure on the sensitive anal blood vessels and tissue which can in turn cause or aggravate hemorrhoids.

So, in order to try to prevent and/or ease existing hemorrhoids, it is important to try to avoid constipation. But how do we do that?

Causes and prevention of constipation
There are a number of reasons why constipation is caused. The main reason is lack of fiber. In order to help the transit of fecal waste out of your body, you need to eat foods which contain a lot of fiber because these foods absorb water and bulk out, in turn making your stools much softer. So, you need to eat more fibrous foods such as raw vegetables, fruit, whole grains, cereals, nuts and seeds.

Another reason for constipation is lack of fluids. Especially when increasing your intake of fiber it is important to drink more water because the fiber needs to absorb it to bulk out and in turn soften stools.

Other contributory factors to constipation include drinking too much alcohol, being under or overweight, being stressed and not getting enough exercise or being immobile. If you fall into any of these categories then seek to redress them if possible.

Avoid constipation to help avoid hemorrhoids
So, if you have hemorrhoids and want to ease them or you don’t have them but want to prevent them, then likewise avoiding constipation will help dramatically. Follow the easy steps mentioned here and you will be well on your way to helping yourself achieve good bowel health.

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