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When is Surgical Treatment Needed for Hemorrhoids?

As a whole, we tend to see surgical treatment for hemorrhoids as a very last resort. Surgery has a lot of possible consequences and set-backs attached to it. Surgery for hemorrhoids can also be quite costly not just because it is a severe medical treatment, but because many insurance companies will not cover procedures that they feel are unnecessary, and hemorrhoids surgeries often are labeled as such.

Elective surgeries can be avoided with other means of hemorrhoids treatments, but the sad truth is that while most people will be able to get a handle on their bleeding bums without resorting to surgery, others will not. Here are some simple questions to ask yourself to know whether or not you need surgical treatment for your hemorrhoids:

Have You Tried Other Hemorrhoids Treatment Options?
Before you go running to the nearest bum surgeon, ask yourself if you have tried other treatments. If you have, indeed, exhausted your supply of fiber supplements, suppositories, herbal teas, ointments and sitz baths, then it could very well be time to look for more drastic measures to heal your sitting area. If, however, some of the items I just listed have not been visited, then hold off on the hemorrhoids surgery until you really try all the non-surgical methods first.

Are the Hemorrhoids Getting Worse?
Once you start trying any hemorrhoids treatment, you should start seeing results, even if they are minimal. If you are in the process of trying other hemorrhoids treatments and the hemorrhoids are getting much worse, then it could be time to see your physician about a surgical treatment.

Do You Have a Recurring Hemorrhoids Problem?
If you have experienced hemorrhoids multiple times over the last year with no obvious cause, then surgery may be needed to keep the problem from happening again. Please note, however, that we mentioned you should not have an obvious cause affiliated with your hemorrhoids. If you know what is causing the problem and can fix it by removing that habit from your life, then give that a try before going under the knife.

If you hit a home-run of yeses for all of those self examination questions, then count it as a hemorrhoids surgery home-run and head to your doctor for a consultation on the matter. If you can’t give an honest yes to all of those questions, then there may still be a non-surgical hemorrhoids treatment option available for you.

Take a glance around this website to find some of the non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments you may have overlooked in your quest for a hemorrhoids cure. Natural and home remedies for hemorrhoids can be very effective and are incredibly gentle PLUS, they can be the stepping stone for you that leads to a healthier lifestyle free of hemorrhoids.

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