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Will Hemorrhoids Go Away On Their Own?

We get this question all the time, and I can’t say that I blame all you hemorrhoid victims out there. It can be embarrassing to drop your pants to show your doctor your inflamed tushie, and it can be shameful to see that knowing smirk from a register checker as he rings you up for hemorrhoids ointment. On top of that, who wants to pay for a doctor’s appointment or a medication that in the end wouldn’t have been needed anyway? Not us.

So, to the question. Will hemorrhoids go away on their own? Yes. Sometimes. If your hemorrhoids are mild, and the conditions that caused them temporary, then yes. Your hemorrhoids might go away on their own. Might. Maybe. It’s possible.

Can you sense the uncertainty here? That isn’t because we aren’t all knowing medical geniuses, it is because every case of hemorrhoids is different, and while some will heal without any kind of medical intervention, some will get much worse very fast without the appropriate attention.

Here are some guidelines for you to know if your personal case of hemorrhoids has gone past the point of the ‘wait and see’ treatment and has reached the realm of medical necessity:

If your hemorrhoids are bleeding: It might be time to treat them. Once blood starts to flow, chances are your hemorrhoids are not going to go away on their own.
If you remain constipated for more than a few days after developing hemorrhoids: It might be time to treat them. Many hemorrhoids are caused by constipation. If the problem that caused the hemorrhoids in the first place does not resolve itself, then you can pretty much bet that the hemorrhoids will not go away on their own.
If the hemorrhoids are getting worse and not better: Then it might be time to treat them. If your hemorrhoids are mild enough to go away on their own, then they will start to get better shortly after they are discovered. If this is not the case and they are getting bigger and more painful, then they will probably not go away on their own.
If you have diarrhea while suffering from hemorrhoids: Then it might be time to treat them. Diarrhea is another common cause of hemorrhoids. If you have diarrhea while waiting for your hemorrhoids to go away on their own, then chances are that is just not going to happen.
If none of those aforementioned statements applies to you, then there is a chance that your hemorrhoids are mild and that they will heal on their own. Some simple lifestyle changes can help them along such as eating more fiber, getting regular exercise, and keeping the affected areas as clean and dry as possible. If you are lucky, no further treatment will be necessary.

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